Garden Ornaments that Help Plants to Grow

Essex Flower Stakes via Gardeners.comWhen it comes to decorating your garden, there are unlimited possibilities, from elegant statues to whimsical whirly gigs.  And, when it comes to ornaments that are not only decorative but functional too, there are a number of options for gardeners to choose from.  These include stakes for flowers and vegetables, trellises of all types, garden edging to define your beds and borders, watering devices and storage options for your hoses.    

Garden Ornaments with a Purpose

Decorative Hose Guides: Protect your plants from being smashed or uprooted as you drag hoses around your garden.  Handsome wrought iron, set of 6, 14 inches high. Each guide weighs 1lb. 

Hose Pots: These vary in size; some hold hoses up to 100 feet in length.  Look for types with drain holes in the bottom so water drains out.  They can be elegant or simple, made from copper and other materials.  

Hose Holder Station: A great way to keep your hose rolled up and tidy when you’re not using it.  Some hold up to 75' of hose. 

A Unique Way to Water: SprinkLites ™ is a micro-irrigation system with color morphing lights. A standard set has 6 pre-assembled low flow micro-sprayers or drippers that you connect to a hose or spigot. A set includes 2 hummingbird drippers, 2 dragon fly micro-sprayers and 2 butterfly micro-sprayers.  These acrylic sculptures add colorful light to your garden at night. These can also be used in a fountain or pond. 

Gorgeous Garden Edging

Elegant Pound-In Edging: This edging, found at, looks like wrought iron but is made from recycled polyethylene.  20’  total,  6” pieces slide together.

Essex Edging: This is the real deal; decorative steel, painted black, installed it is 45’ total length.  Each piece is 15 ¼” long by 12” high. 

Elegant Trellises and Stakes

Expandable Willow Trellises: These handsome trellises are made of willow and come in three sizes.  The large size is 70” high and 36” in diameter.  They are perfect for the vegetable or flower garden to support plants (peas and beans) and vines.  The trellis expands and contracts, making it easy to move around as needed.  In northern climates you can put it over a tender shrub and then cover the trellis with burlap during the winter.  

Jardin Birdcage Plant Supports: These sturdy grow-through plant supports that help keep shrubs in bounds.  They come in several sizes, and they are handsome even when plants are dormant, in hand-painted steel. 

Essex Flower Stakes: Stake your favorite flowers and turn them into works of art.  These versatile stakes come in two sizes 47” or 59” (a set of two) are made of steel painted black and resemble wrought iron.

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