Artisan Painting

faux stone painting
Faux stone painting

Artisan painting, unlike standard wall painting, is a decorative process that often includes several steps and specialized products. Also known as decorative painting, artisan painting projects can transform a plain wall into a sweeping Italian vista or an ancient stone wall. People have been painting murals on walls nearly as long as there have been walls, and cave drawings have been traced back 32,000 years in Europe. In those times, cave wall drawings often depicted the news of the day, a great battle or other significant events. From those days until today, mural paintings and other decorative wall techniques of artisan painting have been held in high regard, and those who create them are most definitely artists.

Artisan painting techniques include:

    • Venetian plaster, an American technique using paint to recreate the look of stucco and real plaster
    • Sueding, a technique that results in the look of soft suede 
    • Embossing, creating the look of embossed leather or paper out of paint 
    • Faux textures, like the creation of faux ostrich skin on walls, all done in paint and other additives 

Trompe l’oeil, meaning "trick of the eye," employs realism and perspective to expand and transform a walled space. It’s a technique that has been used to create architectural detail that might be missing, from moldings to doorways. It is even used in the Palace of Versailles to create what appear to be marble panels.

Artisan painting isn’t your auntie's sponged-painted walls of the 1990s, it is a true artistic form that can add real character to a home.

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