Shower Rail Installation Keeps My Inlaws Safe In Their Own Home

My handyman installed grab bars to make showering safer and easier for my husband’s elderly parents

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Shower rail installation

WHAT MY NETWORX CONTRACTOR DID FOR MY INLAWS: Installation of shower grab rails.

WHY I CHOSE HIM: Quick timing.

Like everyone with aging relatives, my husband and I are concerned. His elderly parents, who live close to us, love their house and are determined to keep on living independently for as long as they can. The problem is, though, that they’re not as agile as they used to be and we worry about their safety sometimes, especially in the shower. They have an old-fashioned 50s-style bathtub/shower combo; a shower chair and a non-skid floor mat make it easier and safer for them to use, but those weren’t quite enough. We decided to install grab bars, for help getting into and out of the tub and for something to grab onto if they felt unsteady while showering.

To find someone who could put up the rails, I turned to my good friend Google, looking for a handyman near me. I ended up contacting Networx, where the staff were very helpful in finding someone who was ready and able to do the job. The most important consideration for me was quick timing, because I wanted those bars installed ASAP.  Ken's Handyman Services, a small family-owned business, was available on short notice, so I hired them.

They sent a handyman out to my inlaws’ home, where he drilled into the shower tile and mounted the 3 grab bars he had brought with him. He put 2 on the side wall and the third went on the side wall. The job only took about half an hour – what a relief! Unfortunately, he put the wrong size bar on one wall, which couldn’t be fixed, but it is still usable. Otherwise, the results were good and I’m happy with the job. And I’m definitely a bit less worried about my parents-in-law.

My advice to you as a homeowner looking to hire a handyman would be to actually watch the work to make sure it is done correctly, the way you want it. It’s always easier to prevent a mistake than to fix one.

 Tub grab bars

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