Average Cost to Clean and Seal Grout

as of October, 2018 $480 200 sq ft

How Much Does it Cost to Clean and Seal Grout?

Do you want to find out the cost to clean and seal your grout? Expect to pay from $1.80 to $3 per square foot, or about $360 to $600 for a 200 square foot area such as a kitchen floor. Professional tile contractors often charge a minimum of $100-$200 per job.

Why Clean and Seal Your Tile Grout?

Let's take a look at the purpose of grout. Grout is a type of mortar which is used for filling in the spaces between tiles on floors, counters, walls, or patios. So far so good. Ceramic or stone tile tends to be a durable material that stands up to a lot of heavy use; however, grout's rough surface is the perfect trap for all the dirt and grime that naturally accumulates between the tiles. After a few years, your tile is likely to look as great as the day it was installed, but the grout is another story. Have your grungy, discolored grout professionally cleaned and sealed in order to:

  • deep-clean dirt, debris, and old detergent residue trapped in the spaces between tiles
  • prevent further staining and fading
  • get rid of mold and mildew
  • restore its waterproofing properties.

This will keep your tile installation in good shape for years to come.

Cost Breakdown

  • Supplies and Equipment -- Your price estimate should include heavy-duty cleaning solution and a sealant, as well as specialized equipment such as a dirt extraction system, a professional wet/dry vacuum, and a pressure washer.
  • Labor -- The labor cost will include deep cleaning and sealing of your grout. If grout or tiles are damaged and need to be replaced, that will add to the expense.

Get the Most for Your Money

Preserve your gorgeous -- and expensive -- tile with regular grout cleaning and sealing. The procedure will save you the cost of a new tile installation. Experts recommend resealing your grout every 3 years in high traffic areas.

Choose the correct sealant to match your tiles' finish: matt, semi-gloss, or gloss.

Cleaning and sealing takes time, including the drying process. Be prepared not to use the tiled surface for up to 24 hours, according to your tile contractor's recommendation.

Protect your sparkling clean grout. Have it well sealed. Place doormats at your home's entrances and switch out your shoes for slippers to avoid tracking dirt onto tiled floors.

Cost to Hire a Tile contractor

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