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Jan 01, 2011 | Networx Team
Tile countertop in kitchen

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Using ceramic tile as a countertop material is yet another fantastic way to reap the advantages of ceramic tile. The durability, stain resistance and cost effectiveness of ceramic tile makes it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. One of the best perks of tile countertops is the color choice. Because of the wide range of color choices with ceramic tile, you have hundreds of options to choose from to match your decor. Keep in mind that no countertop is perfect, and tile has its cons just like other materials. When deciding whether or not to go with ceramic tile as a countertop material choice, the most important aspect to consider is the functionality of your kitchen. Do you do a lot of cooking and baking? How much wear and tear do you anticipate on your countertops? Do you use a lot of glassware that could potentially break on the tile? If you bake frequently and need to use the countertops for dough rolling and other cooking activities, then you may want to consider a smoother countertop surface where you don’t have grout to get dirty.

Ceramic tile countertop


Green ceramic tile countertop

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Tile Countertop Pros

  • Resistant to stains and heat
  • Damaged tile can be easily replaced
  • Vast color selection
  • Most DIYers can handle this type of project with limited training and practice
  • Cost-effective, compared to other custom countertop choices. Ceramic tile costs on average about $40 per square foot

Tile Countertop Cons

  • Glass and dishes can break easily if dropped on ceramic tile counters
  • Grout can become discolored and dirty. This can be prevented by using an epoxy grout, which is tougher and more stain resistant
  • Grout needs maintenance and is harder to clean than a smooth surface

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