So Many Shoes! Shoe Storage Ideas

    Are your shoes taking over your closet ... and maybe your life? If you don't want to spend the money to hire a closet organizer, what are you to do with all those extra shoes? Not to worry. Presenting an abundance of shoe storage ideas, both traditional and out of the box.

    Shelve Those Shoes

    If you are into DIY projects, you'll love this idea: purchase a regular wall-mounted magazine rack, and use it to store your shoes. This idea,  showcased in various design magazines, proves to be a great way to keep your shoes organized. Place one or more racks near your doorway or in your closet. Photo credit/available at:

    Ikea Trones

    By keeping your shoes inside a closed cabinet, you'll also be able to keep dust away. The Trones cabinet by Ikea is the perfect complement to any space. Not only is this cabinet stylish, it's also a testament to contemporary design. Photo credit/available at:

    J-Me Shoe Rack

    This is the rack that you've been waiting for - not only is it stylish, it's also a great conversation piece. Why stack your shoes when you can let them balance on a slick steel bar? These racks are a bit pricey, but they are also designer to the core (so why not splurge?). Photocredit/ available at:

    Organize It 10-Pocket Hanging Bag

    Hanging organizers have been around for awhile, but this one combines storage with class. If you have a smidgen of extra closet space, hang up this organizer for an uncluttered way to store your shoes. Photo credit/available at:

    Household Essentials 18-Pair Revolving Shoe Tree

    This shoe rack from Household Essentials is not only stylish, it's also entirely practical. Store up to 18 pairs of shoes on this rack - at only $29.99, you'll want to buy two of them! Photo credit-available at:

    Organize-It 50-Pair Shoe Rack

    Here is the mother of all shoe racks. If you've got a lot of shoes to store, then this is the rack for you. A slim space-saving design makes this rack even better. At just $54, this rack is a steal. Photo credit/available at:

    3-Drawer Shoe Closet

    You'll never have to purchase another shoe rack again if you purchase this 3 Drawer Shoe Closet. Literally, this shoe rack is a closet that's reserved just for your precious shoes. If you love your shoes, why not store them in their own space? Available at:

    Ikea Portis Shoe Rack

    There's something great about the simplicity of this shoe rack. This steel rack doesn't spin or twirl, but it does hold shoes with style. Photo credit/available at:

     Under-Bed Shoe Rack

    If you're really cramped for space, then this shoe rack is exactly what you need. Store your shoes, slide the rack under your bed, and forget about taking up any extra room. Available at:

    Don't see the solution you'd like for your precious shoes? Talk to a carpenter in your area about custom-built storage ideas.

    Updated June 27, 2018.

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