Six Easy Chairs to Take It Easy In

I'm not sure how you are feeling, but right about now I could go for the squishy delight of a good arm chair. I'm talking about the kind of arm chair that makes you relax just by sitting in it. One whose plush upholstery is padded just so. I am talking about an arm chair that loves you back. Long gone are the days when easy chairs were overstuffed. Now they are trim, and slim, and modern, able to make a person comfortable in even the most refined of settings. I mean, or not. It doesn't take a particularly stylish abode to enjoy a chair like one of these. Now pour yourself a beer, turn on the TV (or pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, and grab a book, if that works better for you), and count down to dream land. These chairs will take you there.

The Eames Lounger via

The Eames Lounger: I am sorry, but this is a $5000 chair. And you know what? If I had $5000 to burn, I would buy it. The reason that the Eames Lounger (and ottoman) has been popular for so many years is that it is amazing. It manages to be both catatonically comfortable and permanently design-smart. White or black, light wood or dark wood, the Eames lounger is for the win.

via BluDot

The Blu Dot Dwell/Rapson Lounger: The minimal footprint of this chair belies its comfort. What am I talking about? Unlike the Eames Lounger, I have never sat in the Rapson Lounger. However, like the Eames Lounger,  its a modern statement piece that you can fall asleep in while reading. I love how the arm rests are little stuffed rolls. I also love the ergonomic angle that it gently tips you back at.

The Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Tobi Chair

The Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Tobi Leather Arm Chair: What happens when you take a traditional wing chair design, and tilt it back at an ergonomic angle, and cut away the outline so that it looks more MOMA than grandpa's house? You get the Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Tobi Leather Arm Chair. Look at it from the side if you want to be flushed with longing...for a wing chair.

Dwell Studio Jensen Chair via ABC Carpet and Home

The Dwell Studio Jensen Chair: This chair looks like a marshmallow of happiness, supported by perfectly-hewn legs. It take mid-century style and makes it really, really plush and comfortable. The ABC Carpet and Home website says that it adds a "sense of drama". I say maybe that's true, but it also looks like one heck of a gorgeous, mod, comfortable chair.

The La-Z-Boy Eldorado Recliner

The La-Z-Boy Eldorado High Leg Recliner: I can't write a post about easy chairs without listing a La-Z-Boy. In recent years, La-Z-Boy has invested some effort into modernizing their furniture line. They offer this Mission-style recliner, which would look completely at home in a Mission-style living room. I give this recliner 10 points for not looking like a recliner, but feeling just like the La-Z-Boy we all know. There are quite a few choices of upholstery.

The Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair via Knoll

The Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman: Like the Eames Lounger, the Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair has been around for a long time, for good reasons. When you mix gorgeous (and many) upholstery choices with a mid-century modern design, and then actually make it hypnotically comfortable (er, womb-like), you get a winner.

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