10 Romantic garden walkways

    Have you ever found yourself wandering down a garden walkway, totally enthralled with your surroundings? Garden walkways are have the potential to be so romantic! The best way to add an element of romance to your landscape is to add a garden walkway. This doesn't mean that you have totally redo your whole yard. You can take inspiration from romantic garden walkways like these ten walkways, and find a way to work it into your existing landscape.

    Or, of course, if you want to go big, you can plan a landscape around a system of pathways. Hedge rows, garden edging...there are all kinds of ways to define garden walkways. Walkways can be a basis for a whole landscape design. Choose decorative plants to surround them, or bushes and trees. Divide your yard into zones with pathways, or just use them to keep your grass pristine.

    The materials that you can build pathways through the garden or yard with can really set the tone for the rest of the landscape. Wood sets a very different tone from pavers, which set a different tone from bricks. You can go traditional or back-to-nature with the style of a garden path. Create straight lines with walkways, or make winding paths to create hidden pockets of interest.

    Ron Cogswell/Flickr Creative Commons

    Hanging lanterns give this wooden walkway a romantic edge.

    Willow Gates Landscaping/Hometalk.com

    More garden lanterns: Small garden lamps give flair to a gently curving flagstone and pebble walkway.

    Wildroof/Flickr Creative Commons

    Wild garden walkways like this one are mysterious and soft-looking. Native plants and rough stone stairs lend themselves to a romantic tone.

    MAClarke21/Flickr Creative Commons

    This walkway is made of pebbles, is carefully edged, and is covered by a rustic log arbor. Built garden structures like arbors really add a romantic dimension to a garden path.

    Elliot Brown/Flickr Creative Commons

    A rustic wooden walkway works perfectly in a heavily wooded yard.

    mattjiggins/Flickr Creative Commons

    A simple wooden plank walkway hovers above a Japanese garden.

    atsidoshouse/Flickr Creative Commons

    A curved gravel walkway edged with stones winds through a wild garden.

    Muffet/Flickr Creative Commons

    A winding brick garden path is classic and clean. The diagonal pattern of this one sets it apart.

    Core Landscape Group Inc./Hometalk.com

    Core Landscape Group, a landscape and hardscape company serving Atlanta, did this driveway and garden path. Don't you love the concrete pavers on the driveway and the wide concrete pavers in the garden?

    Gregs Landscaping/Flickr Creative Commons

    Classic concrete pavers wind through a yard. The creative edging also serves as an erosion barrier for this slightly sloped yard.


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