Modern Wall Stencils That Rock

Stencils are no longer reserved for country kitchens. Check these contemporary wall stencils out.

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Dec 21, 2012
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Is stenciling a little bit arts and crafts? Like, I used to be friends with this “fine art” painter who wouldn’t show his work at the local artisan markets because they were too “arts and crafts” for him. For a while, I think stencils went the way of sponge painting, but they’re back now, and they’re better than before. Have a look at these beauties.

I love this modern all over chain link design wall stencil by Royal Design Studio.

The Hollywood Squares Stencil by Royal Design Studio is an instant dose of mod packed into a modern wall stencil.

Can't afford that Marimekko Kaiku wall hanging? This $56 stencil from Olive Leaf Stencils is reminiscent of it.

Is the Navajo Blackrock Motif stencil by Henny Donovan cultural appropriation? I wish that it were not, because I really like it.

A big, bold, repeating oversize Damask wall stencil in mod colors is chic and affordable.

Have you bought modern wall stencils? Please suggest sources and discuss your experiences in the comments.

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