How to Fix Wicker Furniture


Don't throw away your old wicker furniture if the only thing wrong with it is some broken strands. You can easily repair your wicker furniture at home through a simple recaning process. For this project, you'll need to buy a roll of wicker from your local craft store, as well as some small thumb tacks, super glue, and spray paint. Start out by soaking the wicker roll in a bucket of water for 30 minutes to soften it and make it easier to work with. If you're working with broken strands on the leg or frame of your wicker furniture, you'll want to glue down any loose pieces and then take the new strand and wrap it around enough times so that you cover the missing or damaged area. Glue the new end in place and secure it with a tack while it dries. For damaged areas in the body of your wicker furniture, trim away any broken strands that are rough or sticking out and glue the original end down. Then cut a length of new strand that is a few inches longer than the missing or broken area and glue in the new piece of strand right next to the old one. Then simply, weave in your new wicker along the same pattern as the rest of the piece and tuck the end into the weave so that it sticks out of the back of your newly recaned furniture. Trim away any excess wicker strand and glue the end down.

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