Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

When it comes to kitchen floor tile, we are pretty lucky with the selection that is available. Natural stone options include granite, marble and slate, just to name a few. In each of those individual types of stone we have dozens and dozens of choices. Add in the ceramic and porcelain options and the choices can reach into the hundreds. Kitchen floor tiles also come in a multitude of sizes, from small mosaic pieces to large squares of 20" or more.

The simplest pattern is laying the tile in basic rows where each tile lines up with the one above and below. The next simplest is laying tile "on point" by cutting the edge tiles in half on the diagonal so you get a nice repeating diamond pattern. Beyond these two patterns, the sky is the limit.

You can experiment with tiling the floor yourself or hire a pro to take care of everything for you. Whichever way you install your tile flooring, you'll enjoy these kitchen floor tile ideas:

Add Edge Detail

One pattern that is simple but classy consists of a central field surrounded by a perimeter border. The border can be the same kitchen floor tile rotated, or an entirely different tile or combination of tiles. Sometimes this is called a "rug pattern" and it resembles its softer counterpart.


Another great kitchen floor tile idea is the installation of a medallion. Many people buy these readymade, as they involve a lot of detailed cuts. Fancy ones incorporate curves, which are cut with equipment that's not available to the basic DIY-equipped homeowner.

Random Squares and Rectangles

This kitchen floor tile pattern can vary depending on the availability of the materials used; for skilled installers that cut their own sizes, the possible combinations are endless.

Mosaic Masterpiece

Working with mosaic can be a bit tedious, but if you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, this may be a great way to spend a weekend. You can install traditional patterns, or create your own floor art. Mosaic tile floors add interest to both kitchens and bathrooms.

Bold Geometric Shapes

This pattern of tile is bold, yet easy to accomplish. The classic checkerboard in light and dark tiles can make an average room dazzle. Most cuts are simple single-line or corner cuts. Working with a mixture of colors, tiles or stone types adds variety and style.

Woven or Brick Designs

Another great pattern is the "running bond" or brick pattern. Here, the first course starts with a full tile and the next row start with half a tile. This pattern looks best with rectangular tiles, but is often done with square tiles as well. Slightly more complex is the woven or herringbone pattern.

With hundreds of sizes, colors and materials to choose from, adding kitchen floor tile to your project can set your remodel above the average. Keep in mind that you can also combine some of these styles to create a totally unique look. If a rug pattern with a compass rose medallion in the center pleases you, go for it!

Updated August 8, 2018.

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