Mosaic Bathroom Floors

Mosaic bathroom floor

What is a Mosaic?

Mosaic designs have long been a staple of the decorative arts, and as an art form, they are held in high regard. Mosaics are made of small, usually square pieces of glass, stone, shells or other material that are placed in such a way as to create and pattern or a picture. Dating back to Roman times and before, mosaics have been used the world over to cover everything from walls to ceilings and floors. This time-honored decorative technique is still widely used today, and mosaic bathroom floors are particularly popular. When it comes to design and pattern, the sky really is the limit and a true artist can create any picture with the use of small mosaic tiles.

Style Options

Mosaic bathroom floors come in all styles, from traditional to pop art. One of the most popular design motifs, the Greek key, is easily created using black and white marble mosaic tiles. A cost-effective way of getting this style is to lay down larger tiles in the center of the floor and create a border of the small mosaics in the pattern of your choice around the periphery. Pre-made sheets of mosaic tile are available for easy installation; they can make mosaic bathroom floors a relatively easy DIY project. Similar to a border, one can also install a mosaic “rug” in the center of the floor, with larger, simpler tiles around the periphery. More complicated patterns, such as interlocking ovals and scrolls, are significantly more difficult to create and are therefore higher in price. However, nothing says high-end traditional elegance like mosaic bathroom floors with a traditional pattern made from beautiful stones and colors.

Beyond simple patterns, however, mosaic bathroom floors can also become works of art. Can you imagine having the Mona Lisa recreated on your floor? How about a skyline or an Andy Warhol-inspired piece of pop-art? All these designs are entirely possible with the use of mosaic tiles. Of course, the more creative and unique the pattern or image, the higher the price tag will be. But these details really make a high-end home unique.

Mosaics can be very environmentally friendly and many today are made from recycled glass and other “found” objects. As for durability, as with any installed tile project, especially on the floor, it’s all in the preparation. With proper installation, mosaic bathroom floors will last a long time; after all, some have been in existence for thousands of years already!

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