Multitasking Studio Apartment Ideas


When you live in a studio apartment, it is essential that your space be organized and efficient. Our lives today are all about multitasking and juggling priorities. From work time and playtime to family and friends, we're split many different ways, so small homes must be designed to support all these needs.

First and foremost, a studio must be organized. And to help you keep organized, invest in appropriate furnishings that serve multiple purposes. In addition to great organization, furnishings need to be flexible, easily movable and always capable of serving at least two purposes. Here are 4 examples.

  1. Bookcases and shelving. Flexible bookcase and shelving systems make the most of your wall space. A large bookcase nestled between your bed and desk will provide space for lighting, books or a Kindle, your phone and a clock for the bed on one side and resource materials and other work items on the other end. Be creative about the use of all the storage and display space a large bookcase can provide. It's even possible to utilize a stable bookcase as a room divider -- just hire a handyman to bolt it down securely!

  2. Tables and desks. A desk and a dining table are basically the same thing, so why have two when one will do? A small table is sufficient for both managing your home office or studies and enjoying a cozy dinner for four. One thing to remember, though, when using a desk for dining is to be sure that that its legs and rails won't get in the way of the additional chairs.

  3. Seating. You will get more bang for your buck if your seating is functional, stylish and, of course, comfortable. A slim desk chair on casters will serve your work and dining needs as well as provide snug seating for television watching. Of course, you'll need a sofa and bed. So why not have both in one? And I'm not just talking about that staple of small spaces -- the futon. Today's convertible pieces are cozy and fit into modern and classic designs equally well.

  4. Room divider. Privacy and a sense of having discrete spaces makes a big difference in a studio apartment. When it's impossible to truly physically divide up a room, the time-honored folding screen is always a winner. Carve out a little private space with a traditional paneled screen, or if modern is more your style, a shoji screen may do the trick. If you're handy, hang a sheer drape from the ceiling for a dramatic look that lets in the light, but obscures the view. 

Flexibility is the key to creating multitasking spaces. Movable items such as chairs on casters and portable screens make for easy quick changes as needs shift throughout the day. Avoid fixed or heavy furniture which stays in one place; in a petite space like a studio apartment, this can leave you feeling boxed in and unproductive. No matter what your decorating style or budget, take advantage of the many great options available to create great multipurpose living quarters with maximum function and affordability.

Updated October 8, 2018.

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