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Painting a room or even a wall in your home is always a great way to give your home a needed boost. To give it an even bigger boost, many people are choosing to have their painting completed with faux finishing techniques. Faux finishing gives walls a dramatic look, like when done to look like suede, leather or marble. This technique is very popular all around the world and doesn't seem to be slowing down! While many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to learn the skill of faux finishes, painters have quickly and skillfully become specialized in these techniques as well. Find a local, skilled, faux finish painter here.

Some of the benefits to faux finishing include the ability to make a major change to your home's style at a low cost and to create a design that is special and unique to your home. Because no two faux finishes come out the same, whatever it is you have on your walls will be uniquely yours!

With the rise in popularity of faux finishing, many new kinds of specialty paints and glazes are on the market. There are also many unusual-looking tools and brushes to aid in the finishing process. Some painters simply use sponges and rags to apply the glazes and finishes, but as more specialized techniques arise, the more these new tools are needed. Sometimes it's the sponges and rags that create the best effects! With that in mind, make sure you read below to get some ideas about the most popular finishes that homeowners are using today.

Marble Faux Finish

Marble faux finish is one of the most popular finishing techniques. Not only is it simple, but it creates a very dramatic look in just a small area. Usually two tinted glazes are layered over a lighter base coat. The painting experts advise to use this finishing style for small areas, as it can look overwhelming; you wouldn't want your friends and family to get dizzy looking at your walls!

Brick Faux Finish

Have uneven walls or walls on which you'd love to hide a messy plaster job? Then the brick faux finish is perfect for you because it is great at hiding imperfect or uneven walls. Many people choose to use the brick look in their kitchens to accompany a rustic-themed design. Browns and beiges are colors that work well with the brick finish.

Leather Faux Finish

From all different shades of brown to blue and green and mahogany, a leather faux finish can give a really amazing look to your living room, especially if you have leather couches! This finishing process takes a bit longer, so be aware that it can require up to 3 days.

Suede Faux Finish

You'll surely be able to find the color you are looking for with the many suede paints on the market today. The important thing to be aware of with suede paint is that it is delicate and scratches easily.

Clouds Faux Finish

If you are looking to create an open feeling to a room, then go for the free-falling cloud look. The cloud look is great for a kid's room and can even bring an airy feeling to your kitchen.

Silk Faux Finish

The feeling of luxury will surround you with the silk faux finish look. This technique uses a tinted metallic glaze and takes longer than most techniques.

Parchment Faux Technique

The parchment technique is one of the simplest techniques in faux finishing. It works best with neutral colors such as cream and golden tones or light browns.

With all this in mind, it will be your choice to decide on which one of the many customized ways to paint your walls. If you are unsure where to start or what colors to pick, try buying all your accessories first, then match the colors for the glazes you will use on the walls. This works great for smaller rooms like bathrooms and will help take out some of the guesswork! Want to take even more of the guesswork out? Then find a professional painter who will give you great guidance for your faux painting project.

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