Average Cost to Hire a Plumber

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Plumber?

The average cost to hire a plumber ranges from $174 to $457. Cost of hiring a plumber is usually calculated in one of 3 ways:

  • Per-hour rate, usually with a 2-hour minimum OR
  • Flat fee for service call + hourly rate OR
  • Flat fee per job, often payable in increments for a large job

Expect to pay a premium for emergency plumbing service after hours, on weekends, or on holidays.

Professional plumbers handle a wide range of essential tasks, including repair or replacement of old fixtures or pipes, and installation of new plumbing. Consult the chart below for average costs of specific jobs:

Average Costs per Standard Job


AVERAGE COST (approximate)

Drain clog clear

$50 - $450 for simple obstruction

Faucet repair or replacement

$125 - $475

Garbage disposal repair

$125 - $180

Plumbing leak repair

$140 - $210

Toilet clog clear

$65 - $250 +

Toilet repair

$50 - $200

Toilet replacement

$150 - $600 for standard toilet

Water heater repair

$100 - $160

Water heater replacement

$830 - $1100



AVERAGE COST (Includes Fixture + Labor)

Bathroom sink install

$250 - $500

Bathtub install

$1000 - $4500

Dishwasher install

$550 - $770

Garbage disposal install

$290 - $390

Kitchen sink install

$180 - $320

Septic tank install

$2500 - $7000

Shower install

$1000 - $5000

Water heater install (electric or gas)

$750 - $1000

Water heater install (tankless)

$1500 - $1850

Cost Breakdown

The cost to hire a plumber includes:

  • Labor -- Confirm with your plumber how labor costs will be calculated, by the hour or at a flat rate.

Other costs may or may not be included:

  • Supplies -- plumbing fixtures and supplies are not a part of the hourly rate for a plumber, although the flat fee for an installation or replacement may include them. Expect the cost to vary according to the quality of materials used.
  • Additional labor -- you might need to hire a crew to clean up and repair water damage. The services of drywallers, electricians, carpeting pros, and painting contractors could be necessary.
  • The initial estimate for a plumbing installation, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Choose the Best Plumber for the Job

Hire only a plumber who has a current, clean license; a workers' compensation policy; and liability insurance for at least $500,000. Request a bond for a job worth over $500. Ask about journeyman certification as proof that the plumber you hire has passed competency exams. For a complex installation like a home spa, look for a specialist plumbing contractor.

Contact a professional plumber for any but the most minor plumbing problems; trying to DIY might lead to some very expensive and messy mistakes.

Get the Most for Your Money

Never put off calling in a plumber. A leaky faucet can waste as much as 18,250 gallons of water per year -- water that you're paying for. Even more important, leaks and other small plumbing problems don't go away; they just turn into bigger plumbing problems.

Learn how to turn off your water at the main. This simple action could save you thousands of dollars in water bills, damage to your home, and emergency plumbing fees.

Read your homeowners' policy to see which plumbing repairs are covered and whether you need to use a specified plumbing contractor.

Save even more on water by switching to low-flow or water-efficient version when you need to replace plumbing fixtures or appliances.

Cost to Hire a Plumber

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