Working in marketing, you see things through a bit of a different lens, I guess it’s like that with every line of work. Marketers listen for the “message,” what message is being conveyed, what belief or ideal pulses behind the words and the images. I’ve been very fortunate to be involved with our message here at Networx for the last year and I have felt that I understand our message, I feel it, it resonates within me. But yesterday, I was a part of something; I came into contact with the Networx message, the Networx ideal like never before - partnership.

On Thursday August 31, 2017 we set aside half of every sale that was made for the people and families affected by Hurricane Harvey. As a company, we raised a total of $13,000 which will be given to J.J. Watt Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Every day, I watch our sales team talk with our customers about the power of the Networx partnership. I watch them fiercely fight for their own families, depending on them at home, and I watch them push hard to hit their numbers and goals for our team & our company. But yesterday, I watched our sales team fight not just for our customers, their families and our company, I watched them fight for humanity. More sales didn’t just mean a bigger paycheck, it meant more people helped, consoled, fed, & comforted.

Maybe every profession is like that too. In every sale, there’s a confluence of benefit - the one making the sale provides for themselves and their family, the one who made the purchase gleans the advantage of that product or service; but then there’s that third dimension, like we saw yesterday, when our work has profound effect on the whole world, on places we may never have been and people we’ve never met.  

-Jason Daniels, Sales Marketing Manager 

If you would like to make a donation, feel free to visit the J.J. Watt Houston Campaign.