Homeowners are talking … and Networx is listening.

Today’s home improvement customers tend to be well-informed folks with strong opinions about both their homes and the quality of work they’re looking for. Usually they’ve done some research of their own in preparation for the project, whether online, in stores, or through discussion with other homeowners. So they know what they want and what to expect. At the same time, they appreciate a job well done.

Here’s what actual homeowners have to say about the contractors they’ve hired (or at least tried to hire!) … and why it matters:

My contractor showed up on time and got the job done right.

Why it matters: Punctuality and precision are the #1 signs of a true professional. They prove to your client that you are reliable.

I knew I could trust him with the key to my condo.

Why it matters: You’ve earned your client’s confidence and are now making it very convenient for him to get the job done. Chances are good he’ll call you back when he has more projects planned.

The results were fabulous!

Why it matters: Results speak louder than words. Your client will be reminded of your skill every time she sees her new roof, kitchen remodel … you name it.

We couldn’t be more pleased.

Why it matters: Results are super important but words are important too. Happy customers will spread the good news to their friends and acquaintances, which is fantastic publicity for you.


The contractor finally phoned about my job – 2 days later.

Why it matters: 2 days is plenty of time for another contractor to grab the job … and probably any future jobs this customer needs done.

He said he’d come out to give a bid so I waited for him, but he never showed up.

Why it matters: When a client is let down, chances are slim to none that he’ll ever contact that contractor again.

The guy just didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

Why it matters: Clients like to deal with pros worthy of the name. If they wanted an amateur job, they’d stick to DIY.

How do we know?

Well, Networx has started a brand new project. Since 2016 began, we’ve been hard at work interviewing owners of homes and condos who’ve hired contractors for repair or remodeling. They have a lot to say about you, about what they like and what turns them off. Read their experiences here: http://www.networx.com/experiences.

Remember, your customers may not let you know their feedback directly, but they care a great deal about the quality of your work. When the job is done, chances are excellent that they will tell their family, friends, and neighbors what went right … and where the home improvement pro himself could have used a little improvement. In fact, clients will often end up sharing reviews of your performance with the whole world -- via Facebook, Yelp, or other popular social media.

Word of mouth is a very powerful recommendation.

It’s up to you to keep those reviews positive … and keep customers coming to you for excellent home improvement work.