Whew! Summer was a busy season, with homeowners practically lining up for big-ticket contracting jobs like roof replacements, siding installation, and deck building.

Then along came fall. Suddenly potential customers got very busy with back-to-school and work routines. Home improvement work is still coming in, but the pace – and price -- has slowed. Is that a problem for your business?

The Question

If you’d like to be a little busier than you are at the moment, and you’re also thinking ahead to winter, here's the question: What can you do right now to build your home improvement business?

Where to Find the Answer

Listen to real estate brokers to find the answer. These professionals have a lot to say about why people buy a house in the first place. Apparently, the top reasons are:

  1. security
  2. privacy
  3. pride of ownership
  4. investment
  5. fear of missing out
  6. freedom

And in that list lies the answer to increasing your sales this season. Motivate folks to maintain and upgrade the home they purchased so proudly (in other words, to hire you) by appealing to those very same emotions.

Here’s how.

A Step-by-Step Appeal to Homeowners’ Motivations

  1. Security. One of the most basic human drives is for shelter, a place to keep self and family safe. Emphasize the importance of protecting the home against the elements this winter, with a solid roof, an efficient HVAC system, a sump pump installation … the list goes on and on.

  2. Privacy. Homeowners like to feel that their home is their castle, a private island away from the rest of the world. Appeal to this need when you market privacy fencing, window treatments, or landscaping features like hedges and shrubbery.

  3. Pride of Ownership. A house or condo is more than just a place to live. It’s a prized possession. Show how your services will enhance that pride by adding good looks and durability – for example, siding replacement, stamped concrete flooring, or stone countertops.

  4. Investment. Today’s trend is buying real estate as an investment. This means many homeowners are concerned with curb appeal and resale value. Emphasize the potential ROI of your projects, like attic insulation, entry door replacement, or kitchen remodel.

  5. Fear of missing out. Many people, especially millennials, purchased their house or condo due to fear of missing out on the opportunity to buy in an upcoming market. Now you can appeal to that FOMO when you offer the latest and greatest in home improvement, like smart house technology, home theater systems, or self-cleaning toilets.

  6. Freedom. Homeownership gives a very special feeling of freedom. No more paying rent or asking the landlord’s permission to change the paint color. Encourage your future customers to feel free to express themselves with trendy tile, textured wall, or unique light fixtures.