Steel Entry Doors

kait jarbeau/flickrAmong the many exterior door options for your home, steel entry doors stand out. Steel doors not only offer many benefits, but also are also available in a wide range of styles. Find out why steel entry doors may be the best choice for your home.

Steel Door Benefits

Return on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report, replacement of your existing front door with a steel version will bring one of the highest ROIs of all home improvements.

Durability. Steel is the strongest material available for residential doors. It is resistant to fire, rot, warping, cracks, chips, and insects, and holds its own against severe climate conditions. Your steel entry doors are likely to last for 30 years or more.

Security. Tough steel entry doors are more secure against would-be intruders than doors made of any other material.

Cost. Surprisingly, steel entry doors are also less expensive than fiberglass or wood. In fact, the price of a good-quality steel door starts as low as $150 to $200.

Maintenance. Your exterior steel door won’t need repair or restaining as other materials do. When painting steel doors, be sure that you prime properly to minimize the need for frequent touch-ups.

Sustainability. The steel in entry doors highly sustainable. The Steel Recycling Institute reports that steel is recycled more than any other material – no wonder, because its strength and durability are not diminished no matter how many times it is reused.

Steel Door Options

Gauge. Steel entry doors are made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel, between 20- and 26-gauge (20-gauge is the thickest within this range).

Factory-made or custom. Choose between affordable factory-made versions or costlier special-order doors, which are customized to suit your entryway.

Decorative details. Most steel doors go through an embossing process which adds a wood-grain pattern, making them more attractive than plain, smooth steel. Some types of steel doors have a wood-fiber coating so that they can be stained, while others have real wood veneer laminated onto their surfaces. Many additional aesthetic aspects -- such as paneling, arch designs, or decorative glass -- can easily be added to a steel door.

Coordinating garage doors. Steel garage doors offer similar benefits to you as a homeowner. For a harmonious look, coordinate steel entry doors and garage doors. Find a garage door contractor.

Vinyl coating option. Many conventional steel doors are factory-primed with a baked-on polyester finish, which means that the door could chip and require repainting. To avoid this problem, look for a steel door with a vinyl coating that will protect the door from chipping and make it more resistant to the elements.

How Steel Entry Doors Help Save Energy

Steel doors are made with thermal adhesives and filled with polyurethane foam insulation, which provides a double insulating effect for your house. Steel has natural insulating qualities, and the added insulation makes steel doors great for keeping the warm or cold air inside your home, where you want it. All this adds up to both energy efficiency and cash savings on your HVAC bills.

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