Low Maintenance Exterior Trim

Cellular PVC Trim

Cellular PVC trim looks like wood and can be used to add curb appeal to any home.

VERSATEX products are made using cellular PVC that can be painted to match existing trim. Versatex's standard profile is 5 1/2" wide. Their Stealth beadboard features an extended 1/2" tongue for easy-to-reach surfaces for nailing. It can be cut using standard wood-working tools and can be installed using the same sealants, caulks, nails, and screws that are used for wood.

Additionally, cellular PVC is weather-resistant; won't crack, rot, or splinter; and won't attract insects. While the product doesn't need finishing, it can be painted to match existing trim if you wish.

Photo credit/available at: Versatex.com


Extruded Polystyrene

The PrimeMoulding ® exterior line from LP Moulding is a wood replacement product for most exterior molding applications. Pre-primed to eliminate preparation time, it is fast and easy to install.

The PrimeMoulding product line is made from durable extruded polystyrene, so it is strong, lightweight and moisture resistant. This low-maintenance trim will not rot or attract insects.It also can be cut, nailed, and installed just like wood. 

Photo credit/available at: LP Building Products.


Polyurethane Millwork

Used for interior and exterior applications, urethane millwork such as Fypon Moulded Millwork is constructed of urethane foam created by mixing isocyanate and resin. The high-density thermoset material is resistant to mildew, warping, and splintering, as well as unattractive to insects. It is designed to replace wood for exterior trim and molding accents.

Photo credit/available at: Fypon.com.


Vinyl Trim

Vinyl exterior molding by companies such as Accent Building Products adds crisp architectural detail to a building's exterior. Engineered to be maintenance-free, vinyl trim is designed for custom applications and does not require face nailing, caulking, or painting. Inside and outside corners and end caps make miter cuts unnecessary.

Photo credit/available at: Accentbuildingproducts.com. 


Composite Trim

Treated exterior composites such as MiraTec Trim Products are made to look like cedar. However, they will not delaminate and are moisture-, rot-, and termite-resistant. Treated composites are more cost-effective over time than redwood, cedar, fir, or poplar.

MiraTEC trim, for example, lasts longer and holds paint better than wood. It is factory-primed on four sides with a low-VOC primer with a mildewicide.

Photo credit/available at: Miractectrim.com.

Hire a reliable contractor to install low-maintenance exterior trim. You'll beautify your home and improve curb appeal. 

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