Common Bathroom Problems that Turn Buyers Off...and How to Fix Them

Over and over again you have probably heard the real estate credo: kitchens and bathrooms sell the property. Whether you are actively trying to sell a property or just want to give your bathroom a facelift, here are a few common problems and their easy and inexpensive solutions.

Caulk Problem: Discolored or Missing Caulk Around the Countertop, Sink, Shower and Tub

Gapping or discolored caulk can make a bathroom look dingy. Also, water can leak through gaps to the wall board, dry wall or floor boards and lead to mold, mildew, and rot problems.


1. Remove loose caulk. 2. For discolored caulk mix a small amount of equal parts bleach and water. Apply solution with a cotton swab. Allow to sit for ten minutes and wipe with clean water. Allow to dry. 3. Apply caulk. For most bathrooms, you will not use the entire tube of caulk. A less wasteful solution for small projects is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and under $3, DAP Easy Solutions Kitchen & Bath Caulk. The 4 FL OZ tube is easy to manage and provides a mildew-resistant, watertight seal around tubs, sinks, showers and countertops. Replace the cap to keep the caulk fresh for your kitchen or other bathrooms.

Stain Problem: Lime, Soap Scum, and Stains on Glass Shower Doors


Baking soda is a natural, "green" alternative to the harsh chemicals for removing stains from glass. Follow the procedure below to also give your shower and tub surround, faucets, and sink a fresh, clean look.

1. Moisten a sponge with water and wipe the glass. 2. Add baking soda to the sponge and wipe on glass in firm circular motions until stains lift away. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Ugly Problem: Wallpaper or Tired Paint


While bathrooms can be a bit more trouble to paint, the time invested will yield huge rewards. Wallpaper is sometimes used to cover flaws in the wall construction. However, the current trend is to add texture and paint.

1. If you have outdated wallpaper you have two choices: a. Remove the wallpaper and proceed with step two below or b. Place updated wallpaper over existing wallpaper. Before doing this, be sure to sand any rough spots to provide a smooth surface. 2. Prepare to paint. If you removed wallpaper, scrape off any remaining glue. Tape off any areas you don't want to paint and put plastic sheet over floor, sinks, stool, tub, etc. To add texture to cover flaws on the wall, follow manufacturer directions and spray with texture. 3. Paint. If you are preparing your home for sale, choose a light and neutral color such as a pale sage, tan, or other spa-like color. Add complimentary towels, shower curtain, and accessories. For a green choice, choose low VOC paints.

Transform your bathroom from a buyer-turn-off to a spa-to-remember with these inexpensive, quick, and easy repairs. Lovely bathrooms can put your property at the top of any potential buyer's list.

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