Roof Repair to Keep out Miami Rainstorms

Most important was a roofing contractor who could do the repairs fast and efficiently

Submitted by Shauting H.

My roof after repair


WHY I CHOSE HIM: Immediate response.

I live in Miami, where it’s been absolutely pouring with rain all this week. In fact, the rain started coming right through my roof! That’s when I knew I had to look for emergency roof repair.

When I went on line, I found a toll free number. I phoned and spoke to an agent who, I guess, sent my information to different companies. Several roofing companies called me about it, but most of them either took so long to contact me or offered scheduling too far out, which I didn’t want to wait for.

Because I wanted someone who could do it right away, I didn’t get the chance to check out all the different companies. Instead, I just chose the first roofer who was able to come out within 30 minutes, American Quality Roof Repair.

I would recommend him, because he arrived right on time, he worked fast, and he was very efficient. It really didn’t take him long to locate and repair the problems.

I can’t really say whether what I paid for was expensive or inexpensive. Due to the heavy rainstorms in Miami, I didn’t have time to wait for other roofing contractors to come out and give me a quote. I just wasn’t able to wait and compare prices and customer reviews, as I normally would do. I just chose the first one that I got.

However, I do think that the contractor was good. He checked not only the spot where the rain was coming in, but also the whole roof to see if there were other leaks, possible leaks, or anything else that might cause me to run into problems later on in the future. Whatever he discovered, he patched up for me and let me know about it, which I really appreciated. I didn’t go up there to look but I assume that all the work was done properly. He gave me a year warranty on it so if I notice any other leaks, I can call back, but for right now, it seems that it was repaired fine.

The rain's still falling, but inside my house is nice and dry.

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