As you know, home improvement is a very competitive business. For every lead, there are usually two or three other pros competing for the job.

So how do you gain an edge over the other guy?

When homeowners request multiple bids for, say, a new roof or patio, they are looking for quick, accurate responses. Give them what they want, without underbidding (and cutting into your profits) or overbidding (which will scare off the lead).

Here’s how.

Don’t rely on your gut feeling or a ballpark figure. Don't spend hours sweating over advanced math. And don't shell our your cash for complicated software.

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Instead, use the Omni Calculator, a free tool that allows you to calculate material quantities and prices fast and accurately from your mobile phone. No need to download anything, and its super-easy convenient interface can be customized to suit your business’s needs.

For example, if you’ll be tiling a bathroom, automatically calculate not just the square footage you need, but also a percentage for cuts and breakage. (Many pros routinely opt for an extra 10 percent, which may or may not be correct; with Omni, you choose the figure according to the customer’s tile quality, design, size, and layout.)

For roofing material, the calculator will take into account pitch and penetrations like chimneys or dormers to quickly give you an accurate figure on how many squares of shingles you’ll require.

Omni also deducts any professional discounts you receive on materials. Plus, it’s much more up to date and customizable than the basic calculator that came with your phone.

You can even work backwards. Based on the lead's budget for the project, easily figure out what materials are within their price range.

Whatever your trade, come up with fast, accurate estimates to close more leads and grow your business.