Articles by Yamini Mudaliar

Photo: Nagolya/Flickr.

Tile Faux Surfaces

Posted by Yamini Mudaliar | Feb 08, 2011

Tile options are no longer limited to just ceramic and porcelain. Nowadays, there are many styles of tile to choose from - ranging from metal, pebble, brick, glass, and mosaic, to...

Hot Color Trends of 2011

Posted by Yamini Mudaliar | Feb 08, 2011

Pantone, the color authority of the world, announces each year in December the “Color of the Year” from a palette selected by a group of professionals in fashion and design. It...

Photo: lightcap/Flickr

9 Ways to Get Some Me Time in the Bathroom

Posted by Yamini Mudaliar | Jan 21, 2011

We all love a little “me time,” don’t we? I am talking about pure self indulgence, time you spend on yourself, for making you feel better. Imagine the scent of...

Tackling 5 Common Bathroom Design Problems

Posted by Yamini Mudaliar | Dec 13, 2010

Bathrooms are the smallest and the wettest rooms in our homes. With our lives getting busier by the day, a well designed bathroom will not only make our early morning rush hour less...