Five Unconventional White Picket Fences

"Unconventional" and "white picket fences" are not always oppositional concepts. Some creative Hometalk members have taken white picket fences to unexpected levels.

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 20, 2013
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Allison House via

White picket pallet fence: Hometalk member Allison House turned ordinary pallets into fence pickets (white, natch).  It's a down-home DIY take on a classic style.

Home Improvement Specialties via

An arbor elevates a white picket fence: A Saint Joseph, Missouri contractor transformed an ordinary white picket fence to an extraordinary white picket fence with the addition of a seriously substantial arbor. #pergola=pretty

Stacy @Not Just a Housewife via

Add a bold gate in a contrasting color: The fence pictured isn't white (it's greige), but it gets the point across. A funky gate in a bold, contrasting color adds personality to a white picket fence. Hire a pro painter or do it yourself! 

Homeroad,net via

Turm a white picket fence into a potting bench: Blogger Homeroad upped the ante when it comes to white picket fence whimsy by building a white picket fence potting bench.

Lorraine F. @MissFlibbertigibbet via

Harness the power of flowers: Hydrangeas peek out from inside Miss Flibbertygibbet's fence. The bright colors or thickly planted flowers make even the most prim and proper white picket fence look romantic and fun.

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