Average Cost to Install a Fence

$31 Linear ft, materials & labor Find out how much your project will cost
Where do you need the Fence contractor?

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Fence?

When you're looking to install a fence, you can typically expect to pay from $16 to $39+ per linear foot for the fencing materials plus supplies and labor.

The total cost to install a fence depends on:

  1. Length and height
  2. Bends and/or angles
  3. Materials
  4. Purpose (for example: security, privacy, swimming pool safety, curb appeal)
  5. Ornamentation or patterns
  6. Whether it includes a gate (manually opened or automatic, as for a driveway fence)

Plan Your Fence

Start your fencing project by verifying the boundaries of your property. Check your plat or mortgage map. If you don't have one, it's wise to hire a licensed land surveyor to produce a legal land survey pinpointing your property lines. Good fences may make good neighbors, but a fence that's accidentally installed on your neighbor's property can make for a huge legal headache.

Have your fencing contractor carefully measure the area of your land that you want fenced.

Before excavation begins, check whether you need a building permit. In many locales, this will be necessary only when you want to install a fence over 6' tall. In that case, front, rear, and side yard building setbacks may apply. You'll also need to call 811 to find out where underground utilities are located, so that the digging won't damage them.  

Your municipal government or homeowners' association may limit the size, style, or location of your fence. Follow local pool code when installing a swimming pool fence.

Compare Fence Materials





Cost/linear ft


Easy to see through, climbable by intruders

Sturdy, lowcost, good for keeping animals in or out of yard

Often unsightly, low curb appeal

Material $14-19

Labor Included


Reasonably secure, private

Attractive, good curb appeal

Costly, high maintenance

Material $7-15

+ Labor $7-15


Reasonably secure, private

Attractive, many colors, easy-care

Costly, can get brittle when cold

Material $10-25

+ Labor $5-8


Secure, private, excellent pool fencing

Easy-care, resists rust, durable

Costly, low-end is inadequate for animal enclosure or harsh weather

Material $22-32

+ Labor $5-7


High security, but easy to see through

Very durable, attractive, high curb appeal

Very costly, high maintenance, tends to rust

Material $20-100

+ Labor Up to $200

Cost Breakdown

Cost to install a fence will normally include:

Materials and Supplies -- In addition to your fencing, basic materials include posts, rails, post caps, and one or more gates as required

Cleanup -- Discuss with your contractor whether removal of your existing fence is included in the cost.

Labor -- Labor will include measuring, excavation, and fence installation. The cost may increase if your land is steeply sloped or contains many tree roots.

Estimate -- The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Get the Most for Your Money

Save money on the cost to excavate. Hire a fencing contractor to install your fence in the late spring through early fall, when the ground is not frozen.

Over-ordering fencing gives you some wiggle room to deal with the unexpected. Find out whether the fencing supplier will accept returns on unused materials.

Cost to Hire a Fence contractor

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