Unconventional Home Office Storage Ideas

Home office storage can be traditional -- bookshelf, pen cup, desk drawer -- or it can be found in unconventional places. If you're looking to have more storage in your office, it might be time to think outside the (in)box.

1. Hanging File Drawer Organizer

Rubbermaid via Amazon.com

When you visualize a filing cabinet, you usually see it as just a place to store files. Rubbermaid makes a Hanging Drawer Organizer that can convert your filing cabinet into a well-organized traditional desk drawer. Conversion products like these are perfect for when you have more filing cabinet drawers than you need for storing paper.

2. Monitor Stand with Drawers

Kantek via Amazon.com

If you use a monitor stand, getting one with drawers in its base provides more convenient storage for those objects you need nearby but don't want cluttering up your desktop. Kantek's LCD Monitor Stand has two drawers, perfect for sticky notes, USB cables, reading glasses, a spare hard drive, or whatever small objects you'd prefer not to have strewn about.

3. Task Lighting that Multitasks as Storage


Task lighting doesn't have to just be a source of illumination. It can also provide convenient storage, like this colorful lamp with tiny pull-out drawers in the base. 

4. Magnetic Spice Rack to Organize Small Office Supplies

Kamenstein via Amazon.com

Vertical space is often underutilized in home offices. Let your walls help you with your storage needs -- have a handyman hang a magnetic spice rack to hold paper clips, binder clips, thumb tacks, and rubber bands. If your home office doubles as a craft room, spice tins are perfect for holding buttons, pins, and glitter.

5. Medicine Cabinets as Home Office Storage

Kohler via Amazon.com

Medicine cabinets aren't just for bathrooms. Placed above file drawers, a medicine cabinet can simply look like a mirror decoration. Open it up, however, and you have fantastic hidden storage in any office.

Updated August 14, 2018.

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