Master Bedroom Ideas

The master bedroom should be your oasis of calm. Historically, the master bedroom was a formal place where the lady of the house received her close female friends for social visiting. As such, her room was richly appointed as befitted a public space. Of course, those days are long gone. After all, who has time to lounge in bed chit chatting? Well, in fact, this is something we still do. Only it’s via an Internet connection and our handy laptops, smart phones or iPads.

Too often, our master bedrooms are the last places we think of decorating, and they can actually become the dumping ground of mismatched, nearly cast-off furniture. Just because we rarely actually still entertain in our rooms doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve special treatment. After all, if you’re in the master, then you’re likely the one paying all the bills and working hard to be able to pay the bills. Why shouldn’t your bedroom be special? You deserve it!

The Bed

Basically, a bedroom has one main purpose: to promote healthy sleep. When it comes to master bedroom ideas, first and foremost, you need a great bed. As the commercials say, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. So why shouldn’t the mattress, bedding and bed frame be special? There are so many ways of attaining a great-looking bed on any budget. A simple metal bed frame pushed up against the wall isn’t good enough. Every bed needs a headboard, and headboards can come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, you can choose a traditional wooden or upholstered headboard, but a headboard can be made from almost any material. Here are a few quick master bedroom ideas:

  • Attach an oversized wooden picture frame to a wall and paint the inside a contrasting color
  • Hang a swath of pretty fabric down the wall from ceiling to floor behind the bed
  • Upholster a piece of luan or plywood and mount on the wall
  • Apply a photomural to the wall behind the bed

Top the bed with a coordinating bedding ensemble (readily available at department stores) and for less than $100 worth of master bedroom ideas, your bed will suddenly become a great focal point.

Side Tables and Lamps

Of course, every bed needs side tables and reading lamps. These needn’t match at all. Simply find pieces that are similar in height so they create a nice pair of “bookends” on either side of the bed. If the tables or lamps aren’t the same height, stack a couple of books to raise the lower lamp. Equal lighting heights make a huge difference.

Sitting Area

Another of the great master bedroom ideas is to create a nice sitting area, whether it’s a single chair and ottoman or a sofa and side chairs, space permitting. Again, you want to create a comfortable, relaxing environment to transition from the stresses of the day into a relaxing sleep. Never do work in the bedroom -- keep the bills in the kitchen or den! 


Many compilations of master bedroom ideas suggest you create a relaxing environment with a soothing color on the walls. We all have different reactions to color so for some, red is actually soothing while for others, a soft cream will do the job. Whichever works for you, freshen up your walls with a new coat of relaxation-inspiring paint! And while you’re working on the walls, install a decent set of roller shades or shutters that block out the light. Whether it’s streetlights, moonlight or the rising sun, you want to be able to fully control your lighting levels. Fantastic window treatments are wonderful to have, but at their most basic, simple control of light and air-flow will promote a restful sleep.

These four elements of master bedroom ideas -- a great bed with headboard, side tables and lamps, a seating area and wonderful walls and windows -- are all you need to create a soothing bedroom oasis. And don’t you deserve it?

Try to create a headboard by yourself. If that scares you, focus on the painting process.

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