July is National Hot Dog Month!

Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month? It is. Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest happens every July 4th, and a bazillion people break out the dogs and buns at their annual July 4th barbecues. While eating processed meat inside a tube of who-knows-what might not be everybody's favorite treat, let's pay homage where homage is due with a tribute to National Hot Dog Month.

There is a whole range of hot dog accessories that you might never have heard of. Can these fun little gadgets improve the ingestion of Tofu Pups and Bratwurst (traitor!)? Can these monotaskers really make a plate of franks and beans more fun? You're going to have to be the judge of that. It's my job to give you information; it's your job to leave comments on this article. Would you fire up your grill and use one of these hot dog accessories?

Hot Dog Pie Iron via Lehmans.com

The Hot Dog Pie Iron: For $19.99 (plus tax and shipping), you could have a cast iron pie iron in the shape of hot dogs. You could cook actual wieners in it, or you could make campfire cornbread in the shape of hot dogs. You can also make pies...in the shape of hot dogs. I like my pies like I like my cornbread...tube-shaped?

The hot dog roller from Chefscatalog.com

The Hot Dog Roller: Aren't grill marks and a little char one the things that make grilled hot dogs good? And since when is it difficult to turn a hot dog on a grill with a regular pair of barbecue tongs, or even a fork? For $11.95 on sale (it's usually $20), you have have yourself your very own convenience-store hot dog roller.

Claudia Pearson Hot Dog Plates from WestElm.com

Claudia Pearson Hot Dog Plates: West Elm has these super-cute plates, which are perfect for serving hot dogs. Enjoy serving wieners on wiener-dog plates. These plates definitely add some humor and whimsy to a table.

The hot dog holder by BSTJ/Etsy

The hot dog, pen, and cotton swab holder: Artist Brad Troemel sells these $55 contraptions on Etsy. It's a Livestrong bracelet wrapped around hot dogs, a pen, and cotton swabs. How would you feel if  you received one of these as a gift? At the time of publishing, there were four of these available on his Etsy shop.

Chaya Kurtz writes about everything...from electricians in San Francisco to concrete contractors...for Networx.com.

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