5 Steps to Keep Pests from Coming Back

    Keeping pests at bay doesn't have to be complicated. With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your home is completely pest-free. With a little know-how, it's easy to ensure that pests stay away from your home.

    Five Easy Steps to Follow

    While you may think that preventing pest infestations is difficult, you'll soon discover that these five steps are both straightforward and basic. Follow these tips, and you'll soon have a home that's as clean as it is pest-free.

    • Be A Cleaning Machine: Pests, like ants, tend to gravitate toward any sticky or sugary surface, which means that you'll have to clean all surfaces thoroughly. Make sure to pay special attention to your counters, cabinets, bathroom countertops, kitchen floors, the top of your refrigerator and anywhere else that sugary residue could be hiding.
    • Water Waste: Did you know that many pests can't get enough of pools of water? If you happen to have any kind of water collection forming inside or outside of your home, then it's time to get rid of that enticement. Any leaking pipes, indoor water source, or roof puddles can easily turn into a nice pool for pests. The sooner you eliminate any collections of water, the quicker you'll get rid of any lingering pests.
    • Lock up Your Food: If you find bits of crackers and chips all over your home, it may not be due to a late-night food binge. When you leave food loosely wrapped or unwrapped, pests take this as a welcome sign. Instead of leaving little treats for your pestilent friends to eat, make sure that all food is sealed, packaged and safely stored inside of a cabinet.
    • Hinder Hiding Holes: Pests need somewhere to sleep, but you don't have to act as an innkeeper. Rather than allowing pests to make comfy homes inside of your walls, be sure to seal any cracks or holes tightly.
    • Preventative Measures: If you have had a pest infiltration once before, then you are likely to deal the same problem again. To be sure that pests won't come back, get into the habit of hiring an exterminator on a regular basis. A preventive visit from the exterminator once per year may be all that you need to ensure that pests don't return.

    Good Habits Shouldn't Be Broken

    Now that you know how to keep pests away from your home, it's a good idea to get into the habit of following the aforementioned steps on a regular basis. Keep your home clean at all times, store food securely, and be sure that you aren't leaving any watering holes or makeshift homes for pests.

    If you live with other people, take the time to teach them the steps to prevent repeated infestations. This way, your entire family can learn to keep pests away by creating good habits. Once you get the hang of keeping pests away, you'll find that preventing an infestation is easy to do. If you are dealing with pests that continue to return, it’s likely that the infestation has grown beyond what you can handle on your own. When thoughts like, “I need pest control near me to solve this problem,” start clouding your mind, reach out to Networx for help.

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