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S-Unlimited, LLC

Services: Carpentry, Concrete

Description: Since 1991, we have been serving our clients in the greater Metropolitan area, as well as Parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with residential interior remodeling, room additions, etc. We have been serving our commercial construction clients for 18 years in commercial tenant improvement and remodeling, building repair and maintenance as well as commercial roofing and masonry repairs.

We have partnerships with the area's best subcontractors to deliver professionalism and top-quality craftsmanship. We want to provide a home remodeling service that is enjoyable, trouble-free and exceeds your expectations.

If you are remodeling your home, we are a full-service general contractor. We will enhance the beauty and value of your home or property. Call (703) 606-6424 for a free estimate and bid, and we guarantee prompt and competitive service to go with a friendly, professional staff. We can show you examples of previously completed projects that may help guide you to a remodeling decision.

Service Area: Sterling, Marshall, Oakton, Nokesville, Springfield, McLean, Woodbridge, Occoquan, Merrifield, Great Falls, Manassas, Ashburn, Catlett, Upperville, Greenway, Aldie, Calverton, Leesburg, Gainesville, Centreville, Rectortown, Herndon, Casanova, Lincoln, Warrenton, Hamilton, Philomont, Fairfax, Haymarket, Dulles

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Work Description: Daughters Kitchen project

Comments: PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW: BUYER BEWARE!! My daughter, her husband, and now two week old baby girl learned an important lesson in "Buyer Beware". My goal as a very concerned father is to help others avoid these problems and find a quality contractor.

S-Unlimited, LLC, a self-proclaimed expert in-home remolding: (actually licensed as a roofing contractor according to the State of VA web site), claimed to have been in business for 24 years. However, they’re NOT, in my expert opinion, the quality contractor they claim themselves to be. I’ve seen their work up close and personal, and yes, I have the construction expertise to make this assessment.

Facts: D & B and the State of Virginia outlines, “S-Unlimited, LLC business established in 2003”, which is 19 years. The company description says "Since 1991, we been serving our clients". This is 31 years. So, which is it, 19, 24, or 31? This is just ONE of MANY questionable details this company represents or misrepresents. Depends on how you want to look at it.

Reference: Link to the License Lookup for the State of VA. . Type in company name and address to verify their information. Also see D & B link below

My Story: Once S-Unlimited, LLC’s "Proposal"/Contract was executed by my daughter and her husband, and half the total amount paid to S-Unlimited, LLC all seemed ok as work began. I’ll have more on the “Proposal”/Contract shortly.
Removal and destruction of old material seems to be the only expertise S-Unlimited, LLC and their employees do have. When the actual installation of the new kitchen cabinets and other owner supplied material took place, their poor quality work and inexperience showed up immediately. Every cabinet unit this company and its employees installed was damaged or installed improperly during the installation process. Owner supplied light fixtures were damaged, installed incorrectly, and never fixed or replaced. Ignoring every request to fix these problems, the contractor approved their sub-contractors to continue the installation and cover up the cabinet damage with the countertop (This was S-Unlimited, LLC’s way of fixing the problems. Here’s a quote from the S-Unlimited, LLC’s owner, “you’ll never see these problems once the countertops are installed”) however, this actually created additional problems. The broken, cracked, and damaged cabinets were NEVER fixed nor could they be fixed properly now that the countertop and tile work was completed. All damaged cabinets should have been replaced at the contractor's expense. This request and requirement was also ignored. The job was a nightmare, and took 4 months longer to complete due to all the problems and lack of communication by S-Unlimited, LLC and its owners. S-Unlimited, LLC and its owners didn’t want to hear about problems they created, they were only interested in getting the other half of their money. They made this quite clear to my daughter directly many times. Since no start and completion date was put in the “Proposal”/Contract this didn’t require any communication on S-Unlimited, LLC’s part. This oversight on start and completion dates is also rookie mistake made by first time home buyers. This was then used to the contractor’s advantage. As a licensed expert, S-Unlimited, LLC should have discussed this important topic and all parties should have agreed on a reasonable time frame to start and complete the project.

Oh yes, the "Proposal/Contract". In hindsight, my daughter and her husband should have NEVER signed this document and self- admitted they should have check S-Unlimited, LLC out before entering into any agreement. S-Unlimited, LLC was recommended by their Realtor as a trusted and quality contractor. This was NOT the case. I strongly recommend ANYONE considering doing business with S-Unlimited, LLC, contact legal counsel and obtain professional advice before signing their "Proposal" document. Make no mistake, the S-Unlimited, LLC “Proposal” is a contract and it is designed to protect only them, not the buyer. In my humble opinion, "FIND A DIFFERENT CONTRACTOR to do your work".

The internet outlines S-Unlimited, LLC as a 3 person business established in 2003, with approx. $115,316.00 in annual sales. It's the company's responsibility to keep this information current and accurate. This seems a bit low for a 19 year old company, oops, 24, no, 31. Well perhaps you can figure this one out!!! This may explain why S-Unlimited, LLC doesn’t have an active web site of their own.

Reference: Link to the current Dunn and Bradstreet page on S-Unlimited, LLC -
These figures seem pretty light for a company in business for the length of time they outline. What I do know is this; the above number is a BIG red flag based on the total value of this particular project.

My Conclusions: S-Unlimited, LLC as a contractor, is what every person should do their best to avoid. They tell you how great they are, over sell themselves, and their abilities then provide substandard work and demand payment for it under a document designed to protect ONLY them and their company. It's very clear to me; S-Unlimited, LLC’s plan from the beginning of this particular project, was to take advantage of new, first time, homeowners under a professional referral and then use their “Proposal”/Contract and the laws of the State of Virginia to protect them and their company. They certainly accomplished this.

My daughter and her husband attempted to hold back monies to force S-Unlimited, LLC to fix the problems that could still be corrected. In addition they wanted reasonable refunds/credit against the project for damaged material that could not be fixed. Their thoughts included, “If S-Unlimited, LLC as the expert or professional installation firm they claimed to be, you’re responsibilities include damage caused by your installation team”. They worked very hard to negotiate with this company and address this as professionally as possible, but S-Unlimited, LLC would have no part of these negotiations. The owner of S-Unlimited, LLC’s response was clear, “The job is done, if you don’t pay by this date, we will take legal action to collect our monies per our contract”. After contacting her own attorney, she and her husband were instructed the best course of action was to pay the contractor. This due to the document they signed and how it protected the contractor under Virginia law. So, we are back to the beginning “BUYER BEWARE”

Some thoughts from Dad:
1. I don’t pay any contractor upfront for ANYTHING. If a contractor doesn’t have the financial capability to start and complete work before they receive money from me, perhaps this contractor doesn’t have the financial capability to do my project. I don’t pay until the work is completed!!!!! This way I can monitor progress and quality. If the contractor demands 50% payment up front or tells me this is how business is done around here, I find another contactor. Sometimes I have to pay more, but my project will get done properly, and I hold the hammer on money until it does.
2. When I do provide any type of payment, I make sure I receive proper lien releases so I’m not responsible for the contractor not paying his sub-contractors or his own bills.
3. I make sure to get more than one reference, and check the contractor out extensively with his sub-contractors, bank, and vendors. This tells me if he pays his bills. I look at Dun and Bradstreet and other available sources on the web to make sure they are a quality company capable of doing the work their being contracted for. Just because a contractor has been in business for a long time doesn’t mean you’re a quality company. See my story above.
4. If a “Proposal/Contract” is involved, I take the time to have an attorney to look it over. This is the best money I ever spent because they are looking out for me and my interests. Yes, attorneys are expensive but they’re worth it!!!! If the contractor doesn’t like my attorney’s changes to his documents, he’s not the contractor for me. This is my money and my project, not the contractors and it will be done my way or you don’t get the project. Talk to your friends and neighbors and find a good attorney they’ve had experience with. In many cases, this can be done for a flat fee. The attorneys I found changed me 3 to 5 hundred dollars as a flat fee to look over contracts.
5. Most people look for an attorney and a bank when they need one. I don’t do this because it’s usually done under pressure and when you need to do something quickly. I shop for an attorney or a bank just like I shop for a car or other high priced items, when I don’t need one, or well in advance of needing one. This way when I do need them I can pick up the phone and get help right away or immediately as my needs require

Hope this information is helpful

A concerned father





Work Description: S-Unlimited did roofing installation and repairs for me.

Comments: I am satisfied with their work. They are a great roofer.
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