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At Haworthconcreteco.com our specialty as a concrete contractor is to install concrete and to repair concrete. As a concrete contractor our work is on constant display. If the concrete is durable, strong, and has been finished properly, it stands as a legacy to our dedication to quality for a long time. and as an experienced concrete contractor, we understand that our last job is not a guarantee for the current job. Each job has its own testament. As a concrete contractor we understand that right now, your job is how good a concrete contractor we are. We know to take the time to do this job, your job, as if our reputation is on the line. And guess what, to you it is!

Seattle Concrete Contractor

At HaworthConcreteCo. we have been a Seattle concrete contractor for almost 20 years. Of course, we are not limited to only the Seattle area, we are concrete contractors in Bothell, Bellevue, Shoreline Wa, Lynnwood, Everett,and South King County. In fact, if you need a concrete contractor we will go just about anywhere. We are looking for work, not looking to get out of work! HaworthConcreteCo. are the guys who will be there when we say that we will. We will do what we say that we will do. And we will be done when we saw that we will be done, ahem, most of the time.

What kind of concrete contractor is HaworthConcretCo.com? We are concrete contractors who engineer concrete with the latest ASTM standards that are available to us. The American Society of Testing and Materials is constantly verifying and improving the quality of concrete. HaworthConcreteCo. always doubles the ASTM standards for concrete strength. We always use the modern equivalent to rebar: fibermesh. ASTM testing shows that this type of "rebar" slows concrete curling by about 65% and 3 out of 4 cracks are a result of the concrete curing heat. This curing heat causes the concrete to curl like a slice of bacon in an oven. Gravity uses the concrete weight against itself.
Concrete Paver Patios • Concrete Walkways • Concrete Retaining Walls
As a final note, sustainable construction applies to concrete contractors as well. Functional concrete is still absolutely necessary, it is the foundation of all construction. However, urban density and recreational concrete can still be good friends. HaworthConcrete likes to encourage water runoff responsibilities with decorative concrete pavers. We highly recommend this kind of concrete construction anywhere possible. Decorative concrete paver patios, paver sidewalks and concrete retaining wall systems may be built with this kind of concrete construction.

Concrete Repair
HaworthConcrete repairs any type of concrete:
Concrete driveway, retaining wall and for
concrete sidewalk repair

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