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Cost Of New Molding And Trim

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jan 30, 2014

When designing a home’s interior, the devil is always in the details. Really, it’s that little bit of extra attention, those seemingly small finishing touches, that...

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Built-In Wardrobe Remodeling Ideas

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jan 30, 2014

A wardrobe is a tall cabinet, much like a large armoire, that’s meant for hanging and storing clothing and accessories. And although wardrobes have traditionally been freestanding...

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Matching Tile Colors

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jan 16, 2014

There’s something so depressing about a cracked tile. Something that’s just so sad, like this one small, glaringly imperfection on an otherwise perfect system of fastidious...

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Grout Cleaning and Sealing Cost

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jan 09, 2014

Tile is one of the most versatile finishing materials available, because it’s so well-suited to a wide range of interior designs. Tile is just as appropriate in a rustic country...

Hop on Pop! Hops are big in gardening this year.   Photo: Andy Rogers/Flickr

5 Hot Garden Designs For 2014

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Jan 01, 2014

Winter is my favorite time of year to hunker down and dream up my future landscaping plans. It’s the new year, which means I’m filled with resolve, excitement, and lots...

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Hot Garden Patio Design Trends for 2014

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Dec 31, 2013

Are you planning to give your patio a makeover in the coming year? Thanks to modern technology (like truly weatherproof fabrics, and wireless control of pretty much everything) our...

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Water Heater Timers: Are They Worth It?

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Dec 31, 2013

What if you could program your hot water heater to turn on or off, according to a set schedule, so it wasn’t unnecessarily wasting energy? Would that be worth the cost of the...

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Do I Need A Plumber To Replace A Toilet?

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Dec 11, 2013

Maybe your toilet is pea soup green plastic, and roughly two decades overdue for a makeover. Or perhaps you’ve had an accident and cracked the fixture, or sprung a leak at...

A nearly finished bathroom remodel.   Photo: Peter F./Flickr

Green Contractor For Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Dec 04, 2013

If you're looking to put some money into your home, one of the very best ways to get the most bang for your buck is a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms feature prominent fixtures and...

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Cost To Install Garden Flagstone

Posted by Sayward Rebhal | Dec 04, 2013

Including hardscape in your garden design is perfectly on point for a modern backyard makeover. And considering the most common hardscape options, flagstone is a top choice for an...