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  • Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors
  • License: CCC-1329913
  • License: 1329913
  • Main Services: General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Concrete Contractors
  • In Business Since: 2007
  • Company Overview: SAVITARA General and Roofing Contractors in Orlando is a licensed and insured Florida State Certified General Contractor and Roofing Contractors with Design Build capabilities in Orlando.

    The Savitara General Contractors and Roofing Contractors in Orlando is established to respond to an increasing demand for honest and responsible general contractors, construction consultants, construction managers, and roofing contractors in Orlando.

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Reviews By Customers

Work Description: Roof replacement

Comments: Orlando roofing contractor Savitara replaced our 15 year old roof with great price and quality. They were honest roofing contractors in orlando. Their knowledge of roofing products was much higher. They also offered financing. We strongly recommend them if you are looking for professional roofing contractors in Orlando.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you. - Savitara Roofing Contractors in Orlando

Work Description: Replaced 50 sq roof replacement.

Comments: Savitara general and roofing contractors in Orlando provided roof replacement quote very quickly. Their written proposal was clear and price was among the best. They did what they promised in timely manner. There was some delay due to weather. We strongly recommend this roofing contractor in Orlando.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you. - Savitara Roofing Contractors in Orlando.

Work Description: provided me with a bid quickly and efficiently

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you Chris. - Savitara General & Roofing Contractors Orlando.

Work Description: Roof replacement 2500 SF. Skylights. Kitchen exhaust upgrade. Bathroom upgrade Tile instllation.

Comments: I am glad Savitara is finally marketing the roofing work now. We hired Savitara to upgrade our three bathrooms. We came to know that they also hold a roofing license in addition to general contractors license. So, we discussed the scope of work, we compare the cost with other proposals. We were already happy with the work they were doing with the remodeling, so we did not hesitate to hire them for roofing work. They complete the work on time, passed all the inspections, they were fair and honest.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you. - Savitara Roofing Contractors in Orlando.

Work Description: Shubhang put on a roof and did work inside the house.

Comments: I was happy with his work. Everything turned out well.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thanks. - Savitara General Contractors Orlando.

Work Description: Bedroom and Bathroom addition

Comments: We are so glad we hired Savitara general contractors. We felt ease starting with out first meeting. They guided us to how to start our addition project. They took care of everything from permirring, engineering drawings, to construction. They provided one lump sum fixed price that worked with our budget, and they finished the project per specs, passes all inspections, without asking any extra dime (which we were afraid of). Savitara general contractor is honest and best in Orlando. We strongly recommend to consider this general contractor for addition or new construction project.

Work Description: concrete driveway replacement

Comments: We had 1500 sf pavers driveway it was very uneven just like any other driveway in winter parl. But, it had to be fixed, so we searched concrete contractors in winter park and found savitara general contractors. We called, they gave us ball park estimate on the phone. We compared their cost with others, they were among the lowest. We called to confirm the estimate, they came to look at the driveway, and next day provided written estimate. They checked the weather, and demo existing driveway, and following day poured the new concrete driveway. They were easy to work with, professiona, and honest. I would hire them again.

Work Description: Repaired cracks in concrete pad around pool.

Comments: There was a couple of bubles that formed in the wider cracks repaired but he was right back to fix them.

Work Description: New concrete Driveway

Comments: Nice job. Very professional. Competitive price.

Work Description: Patio Addtion with covered roof to match existing roof, concrete slab, exterior fan and lights, block columns, stucco.

Comments: the entire process was easy. they really know what they are doing. very professional, and easy to work with.

Work Description: repaired the ground under my patio

Comments: the work was good thought the job was a bit pricey but i was in a bind so i paid it.

Work Description: bedroom, bath, covered porch addition.

Comments: general contractors savitara has done excellent work for our home addition project. we wanted to build the addition that looks like part of the original plan and house. savitara's designers worked with us, finalized the floor plan, elevation, and build the addition in about two months since the came to vist us first time. my wife and i recommend them for all residential construction work. they are easy to work with, but were not easy to work with. they passed the test, they are honest and dependable.

Work Description: I found these guys through search website. These folks are awesome. A perfect combination of high quality work at the best affordable prices and certified expertise.

Comments: Definitely recommend them for residential and commercial purposes.

Work Description: Driveway, sidewalk, patio slab replacement in longwood.

Comments: We contracted Savitara general contractors after reading other reviews. They replaced total 2500 sf about 25 year old concrete on driveway, sidewalk, and patio slab in only two days! the quality is good and price was lowest among we surveyed.

Work Description: concrete parking lot and sidewalk on commercial property.

Comments: The price was great, service was excellent. Savitara general contractors replaced old asphalt parking lot with new concrete parking lot, and replaced concrete sidewalks. They pulled all the required permit and passed inspections. We strongly recommend them for concrete parking lots.

Work Description: 1000 SF concrete slab addition with footers.

Comments: I found saviatara general contractors on google search, and called them to discuss the project. Savitara provided initial ball park estimate on the phone, and we agreed to meet to discuss the project in person. Savitara general contractors cam on time and discussed the details of the permitting and options. They provided written proposal next day which was very competive. They finished the concrete slab in three business days from permitting, preparing the foundation, importing the dirt to level the area, installing reinforcement, inspection, to finish. The second day was for inspection, otherwise they finished the whole construction in two days. The quality of work was excellent and the workers were very professional. We will hire them again!

Work Description: Master bedroom, bathroom, and garage addition.

Comments: Savitara provided proposal in writing, prepared drawings, applied for permit, and construct the addition. We are happy with the quality of the work. They were not the lowest but about five percent higher than lowest priced contractor. But, savitara is a honest professional general contractor, and we strongly recommend anyone who is looking to hire licensed general contractor.

Work Description: They installed a tile floor and remodeled a bathroom for us.

Comments: Savitara did great work. We recommend them.

Work Description: remodeling and addition

Comments: We hired Savitara General Contractors after checking thier background, license and intervieweing in person. Savitara General Contractor took time to understood the project and submitted their proposal in writing after 2- 3days. Intially, we hired them for bathroom remodeling for converting bathtub into standing shower. We were impressed with the quality and price. After few weeks, we hired them to construct addtion of master bedroom and master bathroom. Savitara provide fixed price which included design and construction. The price was within our budget, and the project was again completed with quailty work and within our schedule. Savitara's team is real professional and honest. Savitara General Contractors are not the cheapest in the market, but they do quality work first time, so it pays for it self.

Work Description: They remodeled my bathrooms.

Comments: I was satisfied with the work. they really did a good job and it showed in the results.

Work Description: demolish old driveway and install new concrete drive

Comments: I live out of town and had to be very careful in chosing a contractor by phone and email. Savitara delivered excellent performance and responsiveness. Took the time to answer all questions and provide a necessary comfort level. Among the lowest of the prices quoted. I selected Savitara because of the price point, but also because background, education and and licensing seemed to corroborate all statements made.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you Rafael. We appreciate your business.

Work Description: 12by30 ft patio concrete slab

Comments: they did a great job price was best i could find turned out exactly the way i wanted it saved me a lot of hard work

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thanks Derek. We appreciate your business.

Work Description: Widen the driveway by 2 feet on both sides.

Comments: Excellent work and price was far lower than anyother contractor!!!

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
Thank you. We appreciate your business.

Work Description: Patio concrete slab 60 x 20 extension.

Comments: SAVITARA is true professional in concrete work. I am 100% satisfied from estimate to final finishing. I checked many contractors. Most of them did not had license. SAVITARA is florida state certifed licensed general contractor so they were able to perform the work per code with permitt. Their price were lower then un-licensed contractors!

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
We appreciate your business. Thanks.

Work Description: Laid a concrete slab for my back-porch.

Comments: Very good job, excellent quality and he knows what he is doing. My neighbor was so pleased that he told me he was going to call him for some work.

Savitara General Contractors & Roofing Contractors Replied:
We appreciate your business. Thanks.