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  • Cierzan Carpentry
  • License: 901646
  • Main Services: All types of finished carpentry, decks, drywall, fences, remodeling, facia, moulding, odds and ends. No job is too small.
  • Company Overview: A client should expect only the best from any Oceanside remodeling company. Here at Cierzan Carpentry, we deliver on the expectation with our superior service and experience. John Cierzan of Cierzan Carpentry is reliable, punctual, hard working, dependable and honest. He has done carpentry for 25+ years and is a perfectionist when it comes to his carpentry work and his business. He makes sure the customer is 100% satisfied with his work. He is highly skilled at what he does. We serve a 35 mile radius around Oceanside.

    Services Offered
    Drywall specialists, texture, decks and fences, windows and doors, moldings and trim, bath and kitchen remodeling
    Handicap accessibility remodeling, staircases, wood & vinyl flooring, built in shelves, entertainment centers, etc.
    Siding repair, closets, all finished carpentry, No job is too small

    Oceanside Remodeling: Giving Your Home a New Facelift
    Everybody's doing it. Remodeling their homes that is, or so it would seem. The housing market may be caught up in in the current wide spread downturn, but Oceanside remodeling continues to move forward as many homeowners are opting to remodel instead of moving. Some Oceanside remodeling projects are becoming a necessity as the average age of homes in America reach just over 30 years old. But older home or new, Oceanside homeowners are adding, expanding, reconfiguring, and remodeling their homes more than ever. Oceanside remodeling is a big part of over 25 million U.S. homeowners undertaking some sort of home improvement project annually. Major remodeling projects now make up a large part of the money invested by homeowners. These include complete home remodeling, additions and kitchen upgrades.

    Getting Value for Your Oceanside Remodeling Investment Dollar
    Keep in mind if you're planning on making improvements to your home, some Oceanside remodeling projects will increase the value of your home more than others. Usually kitchen, bath and bedroom upgrades or additions will show the greatest return for money invested should you decide to sell. Of course no matter what home project you undertake, it's important to remember that selecting the right remodeling contractor is important. Choosing the right remodeling jobs is important, and your Oceanside remodeling contractor should be able to help you with the jobs you should do to maximize the value of your home. Finding the money for your Oceanside remodeling project is also something a homeowner should think about. If you need to borrow money for a major Oceanside remodeling project, you should be aware that there are a number of ways to get the money you need. You always want to shop for remodeling loans with the lowest interest rates, make certain your payments are tax deductible and most importantly don't put yourself in the situation of over borrowing and possibly losing your home.

    Determining a Budget for Your Oceanside Remodeling Project
    If you’re planning on undertaking your own Oceanside remodeling project, it’s important to have a plan and determine your budget to see if your plan is financially feasible. You’ll have to decide if you need a loan and what type of loan will be best for you. It's important to talk to an Oceanside remodeling professional to make sure you can get the appropriate permits before you commit to any project. It's true that a home remodeling project can be a trying time, but if you take the time to do a little research first and discuss everything with your Oceanside remodeling contractor, you'll find that your remodeling job can be a complete success.
Reviews By Customers

Work Description: he helped me select and buy the door, showed up on time, did a great job, cleaned up after himself - a very good experience

Comments: very happy with your referral

Work Description: We had some attic stairs installed.

Comments: What a nice guy!! Quick and a very hard worker. I am very happy with the carpentry work. John put in some attic stairs for us and had to completely redo the attic entrance. Excellent job and very reasonable.

Work Description: Did everything by the book.

Comments: Clean, honest, obliging--excellent worker.

Work Description: Toilet repair.

Comments: John went out of his way in finding a hard to replace part. He did miss one appointment without calling.

Work Description: Master carpenter!

Comments: Arrived on time, did perfect work, charged under bid! Felt like one of the family and would leave him keys to the house - seriously.

Work Description: The Work has not yet been done - it is in the wings, waiting for him to see if he will be able to find a way to do it, as it is an unconventional project that he needs to do.

Comments: This person - John Cierzan - was the first person to call. Only one other person out of the four actually called me - Kyle, from Big Country Construction - called about three hours after John called me ... so I told him that I have him in the wings if necessary. John Cierzan was courteous, intelligent and willing to take on my project once he had come to understand what it was all about. I am still waiting to hear back from him.

Work Description: Constructed and installed a built in unit for our family room.

Comments: We are so pleased with the outcome of this unit! John not only built us a beautiful 'entertainment center' but a lovely addition to our family room. It looks as if it came already built into the house. The cabinets and shelves are perfect. It is exactly what we wanted. I would definitely call John again and I recommend him to family and friends.

Work Description: Replaced and painted facia boards & trim on exterior of home. Did some carpentry work for inside the home.

Comments: John is very honest and goes the extra effort to do a masterful, neat, and comprehensive job, from prep to finished look.

Work Description: Rehung/moved a door

Comments: Mr. Cierzan moved/rehung a door leading from a bedroom into a bathroom so that the door ‎would open into the bedroom (it initially opened into the bathroom). To understand the ‎difficulty of this project, he didn’t just remove the door opening inside the bathroom on the right-‎hand side of the doorway and move it to the other side of the same doorway so that it would open ‎into the bedroom. Mr. Cierzan removed the door on the right-hand side opening inside the ‎bathroom and rehung it on the opposite side (the left-hand side) of the doorway so that it would ‎open into the bedroom. After he completed the job, it looked like the original construction. You ‎would never know the door had been moved. It was that seamless. Additionally, Mr. Cierzan is ‎very professional yet one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.‎

Work Description: School Carnival Project

Comments: The "kindhearted contractor" is how I would decribe John. Genuinely concerned for safety, and cleanliness he is dependable, timely , and a skilled professional. I would definently call on his services again.

Work Description: Replaced water heater, drywall with texturing, replaced wooden flooring from water damage.

Comments: I have recommended Cierzan Carpentry to my family and friends. John is a perfectionist when it comes to his carpentry. He is honest, trustworthy and a hard worker. I would definitely use his services again. His drywall and texturing work blends perfectly. We are very happy with Cierzan Carpentry.

Work Description: Widened my doors, removed carpeting and installed wooden floors and painting my kitchen.

Comments: He is very neat, considerate and trustworthy. I recommended him to all my neighbors, his quality is fantastic and I felt that I got what I paid for. He even did things that I didn't even ask of him, he is amazing and professional.