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Passive Homes Gaining Ground in the US

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 21, 2013

Is your home passive? By that, I don't mean "does your home lie there like a bump on a log"! The passive home movement, which originated in Europe, is crossing over to US shores in...

A contractor fixes a screen. Photo by Trigem777/

Tips for Repairing Window Screens

Posted by s.e. smith | Jun 20, 2013

Kittens look cute hanging from screen doors, until you look closer and realize they’ve torn a set of holes with their infamously sharp claws. There are a couple of different options...

A man survives hot weather by cooling himself with a fan. (Photo: monkeybusinessimages/

Simple Weatherizing for Summer

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | May 17, 2013

Weatherizing a home to reduce energy usage and maximize savings is something homeowners think about in cold weather. The fact is, energy efficiency is just as important during summer...

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Beautiful in Burlap

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Apr 15, 2013

Eco-friendly, rustic burlap is a fun fabric for DIY projects. Add some rustic flavor to your design scheme with these DIY projects. No-sew burlap curtains: You don't even need a...

Photo of a house with new windows by sjharmon/

Best Tips for Choosing Windows

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Mar 15, 2013

Choosing windows, whether they are replacement windows or windows for new construction, take research. Window salespeople have great pitches, some of which can seem hard to refuse....