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Photo: dhendrix73/Flickr

11 Uses for Wooden Dowels

Posted by Katie Marks | Dec 13, 2013

Wooden dowels too often seem like one of those things that stacks up around the house or workshop -- you buy some for a project, you use what you need, and then you have leftovers that...

Photo: Robert A/Hometalk

Renovate a Bathroom in 24 Hours

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 20, 2013

If you live in an older home, you may well be grinding your teeth over your bathroom. Considering how much time we spend in our bathrooms, there's good reason to want yours to be a...

Photo: Fireclay Tile

Turning Obsolete CRT Screens Into Gorgeous Glass Tile

Posted by Katie Marks | Nov 18, 2013

Thanks to the ready availability of affordable flat screens, many homes are renovating their computer and home entertainment setups to take advantage of high-resolution, low-footprint...

Linoleum: More Eco-Friendly Than You Might Think

Posted by Katie Marks | Oct 08, 2013

Quick: tell me what you think of when you hear the word "linoleum." Cheap, tacky-looking polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheeting sprawled across your floors, right? With some ridiculous pattern...

Kitchen and photo by Art Harding Construction via

Eight beige kitchens with serene style

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jul 02, 2013

Kitchens are where many of us spend the majority of awake time at home. Between cooking, eating, doing homework at the kitchen table, cleaning up, reading the morning paper with morning...