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Your Checklist for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Room

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 15, 2014

When you head to your laundry room, you may think you’re just doing the wash. In reality, though, the home laundry room is much more ... a place where you can make a positive...

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8 Things that Put Your Washing Machine at Risk

Posted by Laura Firszt | May 04, 2014

A washing machine is an essential household appliance. It’s also a major financial investment. Here’s how to avoid common laundry-day mistakes...

Cats should always be hand-washed lukewarm and allowed to lie flat to dry. Photo: E Photos/Flickr

10 Tips to Go Green in the Laundry Room

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 20, 2014

The EPA estimates that if Americans went green in the laundry room, they'd save three trillion gallons of water annually, along with over $18 billion per year. The laundry room is a...

A Year Ago on

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jan 28, 2013

2012 9 Uses for Old Jeans: Ideas for making an iPhone sleeve, a coffee cozy, a heat pack, a desk organizer and more from a pair of worn out jeans. We Tested It: Black Tea Glass Cleaner:...

Behold! The huge drum of Kevin's new dryer. Photo by Kevin Stevens.

The Advantages of Buying a Used Laundry Dryer

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Oct 18, 2012

My old clothes dryer was a GE and it lasted close to 18 years. So when it came time to get a replacement I was looking for another GE model or one of the big name brands. I stopped...

Don't do this unless you want a clogged dryer vent. Photo by the author.

DIY Tips: Venting a Clothes Dryer

Posted by Kevin Stevens | Sep 19, 2012

A few months ago our electric clothes dryer died. It was expected as the thing was getting close to 18 years old, and I had done a few basic repairs over the years. There often comes...


Are concentrated cleaning products better for the Earth?

Posted by Cris Carl | Jun 04, 2011

There are few downsides to using concentrated cleaning products, especially if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. The use of concentrated products is generally a money saver,...


How to Use the Washing Machine You Have, More Efficiently

Posted by Cris Carl | May 21, 2011

If you are not ready or able to buy an ENERGY STAR-rated washing machine, there are a few simple things you can do to increase the efficiency of the washing machine you have. The efficiency...