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Survey Shows Why A Wet Basement Is Bad News And How To Avoid It

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 23, 2017

Whether you rent or own, the verdict comes out the same – living in a home with a wet basement is bad news. A recent consumer survey tallied the costs, in terms of both dollars...

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7 Simple Tips To Tackle Neglected Housecleaning Tasks

Posted by Laura Firszt | Mar 05, 2017

Spring is on its way (at least I thought so until this morning’s snowstorm buried the brand new crocuses). Prepare for the upcoming bright new season with a sparkling clean...

Your Season-by-Season Home Improvement Calendar

Posted by Networx News Team | Jan 23, 2017

Thinking of making home improvements in the coming year? Great! Upkeep, repair or replacement of essential components will keep your house in top shape and safeguard your investment....

Newbie Guide To Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 22, 2017

Okay, okay, it’s true – I have a very healthy dose of caution when it comes to natural gas. For this reason, when I recently moved into a condo equipped with a gas fireplace,...

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My Heat Doesn’t Work! Troubleshoot 6 Furnace Problems

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jan 15, 2017

Freezing, frosty, frigid are all perfect words to describe typical Northern winter weather … outdoors. If they describe the inside of your home, however, chances are excellent...