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Three Outdoor Kitchens For Your House, Too

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jul 14, 2013

An outdoor kitchen is just for people who really rolling in the dough, right? Wrong! While they're definitely an investment, quite a lot of homeowners have found ways to make outdoor...

A post and beam kitchen with a purple counter top. Photo: Vermont Timber Works via Wikimedia Commons.

Counter Materials You Might Not Know About

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | May 26, 2013

Shopping for a new counter top is an exciting part of remodeling a kitchen. Since the counter top occupies so much space and plays such a vital functional role in a kitchen, of course...

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DIY Concrete Counter Tops Are a Lot of Work

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Oct 12, 2012

When brave, experienced “Do It Yourselfers” think of a concrete countertop project, it seems easy and inexpensive, nothing to be intimidated by, just mix some cement, pour,...

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High Tech Kitchens of the Future

Posted by Lee Anne Culpepper | Sep 28, 2011

What does the future hold for kitchen design? With the technology available today, such as robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators that have built in computers on the door, microwaves...

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The 5 Steps of Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Laura Foster-Bobroff | Sep 19, 2011

Only a small minority of homeowners undertake a kitchen remodel by gutting the room and starting from scratch. Since the kitchen is the most expensive and inconvenient room to renovate,...