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Copper Decor: Trending Now

Posted by Laura Firszt | Apr 29, 2014

Metallics have long been used in household décor as eye-catching accents or impressively bold statements. These days copper is catching up to stylish silver and gold tones...

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Stone Counters are Where It's At

Posted by Katie Marks | Sep 03, 2013

Stone counters have never really gone out of style. They have a certain class, look, and grace that's hard to hate, and high-end homes have often boasted marble and other stone on their...

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Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel on a Low Budget

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 26, 2013

It's a common syndrome: you buy a new home, excited about all the possibilities. You take out those gross cabinets in the kitchen, slap down some temporary flooring, install makeshift...

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New Eco-Kid on the Block: Corn Countertops

Posted by Katie Marks | Aug 20, 2013

They just keep coming up with innovative new materials for countertop construction; the days of choosing between cheap linoleum and luxury marble are over, that's for sure. Now there...

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Three Outdoor Kitchens For Your House, Too

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jul 14, 2013

An outdoor kitchen is just for people who really rolling in the dough, right? Wrong! While they're definitely an investment, quite a lot of homeowners have found ways to make outdoor...