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Trinity Centre, demolished 2010 Photo: Draco2008/flickr

Why Brutalist Architecture is Hated and Loved

Posted by Laura Firszt | Sep 14, 2014

While it may sound off-putting or even a little scary, Brutalism is actually a distinctive type of architecture and a very interesting phenomenon. Brutalism was a controversial architectural...

Cement Paint

Posted by Philip Schmidt | Jun 15, 2010

"Cement paint" is one of the common names for a family of special paint coatings made for masonry and cement-based materials, including concrete, mortar (and brick), concrete block...

Concrete Staining Options

Posted by Caryn Colgan | Mar 01, 2010

Make a dramatic flooring statement by staining drab gray concrete. Because concrete's natural color is neutral and the material is porous, concrete can easily be transformed into a...

Polishing Concrete Options

Posted by Caryn Colgan | Feb 25, 2010

Polished concrete is a floor and countertop material that can be as beautiful as it is tough. Because it has a smooth surface, polished concrete is allergen-free and easy to clean....

Concrete Polishing: Another Green Flooring Idea

Posted by Caryn Colgan | Oct 12, 2009

Whether you have concrete in your home or business, polished concrete can be an environmentally friendly and low maintenance flooring and countertop solution. Polished concrete offers...

Easy Concrete Staining

Posted by Caryn Colgan | Sep 01, 2009

Why use dangerous chemicals like acid to stain concrete when you can get beautiful results for less money and no acid? Iron sulfate, also know as copperas, iron sulphate, and ferrous...