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Organize a Greener Closet Today

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 24, 2014

Organizing is the “in” thing as we all try to make our lives greener and simpler. And the first place we generally look to improve is the state of our closets. No matter...

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Protecting Beer in Hot Weather

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Jul 18, 2013

Well this is just about the most fascinating topic that I have written about. It all started this morning, when I was looking for interesting home improvement topics related to the...

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10 Tips for Organizing Closets

Posted by Chaya Kurtz | Apr 11, 2013

It's so fun to organize the closet! Just kidding. It's really hard, unless you are one of those people who just naturally loves organizing. In which case, you probably don't even need...

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13 Reasons to Clean Your Closet Today

Posted by Linda Merrill | Jun 30, 2011

Did you do your spring cleaning this year? While many of us don’t do a formal seasonal swap over of our clothes, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea to clean out the closet...


Closet Organization: The Right Hangers

Posted by Linda Merrill | Jun 13, 2011

We spend a lot of money on our clothes and our clothes closets, so it makes sense that we should pay attention to the types of clothes hangers we use. Not all hangers are created equal,...

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Keeping Your Clothes Closets Static-Free

Posted by Linda Merrill | Feb 22, 2011

Static cling has been known to be mildly embarrassing (think pants legs riding up) to downright mortifying (think clingy skirts or dresses riding up to indecent heights). To understand...

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Is a Closet System a Good Investment?

Posted by Cris Carl | Feb 14, 2011

If you have reached the point where you want to actively deal with whatever lurks in your closets, Jessica Waters of In Perfect Order has some good suggestions. Waters has run her organizing...

Decorating with Lockers

Posted by Harriette Halepis | Sep 07, 2009

Decorating with Lockers If you thought lockers were just for kids, then it's time to think again. Grown-up lockers come in all styles and types, and these lockers are built for function...