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Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives

Deicing the Safe Way

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 26, 2014

With a cold, snowy winter lingering in many parts of the United States, many of you may be struggling with a perennial winter problem: an icy front walk. That freeze and thaw cycle...

Photo: John Tann/Flickr

10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 21, 2014

Tea tree oil is one of Australia's most amazing exports (after Hugh Jackman, of course). This aromatic oil doesn't just smell great: it also naturally kills a number of microorganisms...

Photo: Fazimoto/Flickr

Green Cleaning in the Kitchen

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 20, 2014

Even if you're a dedicated housekeeper, the kitchen is one of those rooms that tends to attract messes. You can blame it on the kids, the dog, or the chef, but however you slice it,...

Photo: Oobleck! by Nathan and Jenny/Flickr

10 New Uses for Cornstarch

Posted by Katie Marks | Feb 14, 2014

It comes in a classic yellow box or container, you might use it to make pudding, it's great for making oobleck...but did you know that cornstarch actually has some really cool, and...

Photo: Rubbermaid/Flickr

Shape Up Your Garage

Posted by Katie Marks | Jan 16, 2014

How long has it been since you've been able to park your car in your garage? Or, uh, find something you needed in the garage? Is your garage a terrifying danger zone of toppling boxes,...