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Moving? Remember to Pack up Your Precious Junk Drawer

Posted by Laura Firszt | Sep 06, 2015

Moving? As you box up your belongings, take the opportunity to declutter and organize. But don't be too hasty in what you decide to get rid of. The junk drawer, for example, is an area...

Serene Vannoy/flickr

6 Reasons Why It's So Hard to Declutter Your Kitchen

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 09, 2015

Many of us fight an ongoing battle with clutter in our home, and the kitchen tends to be the most difficult room of all to keep tidy. Here are 6 reasons why you may be finding it such...

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Build a Roof to Enjoy Your Deck 3 Seasons of the Year

Posted by Laura Firszt | Aug 02, 2015

Mmm. Outdoor living. There is nothing quite like relaxation in the fresh air. If you have a deck, chances are it's been your family's oasis lately -- the site of cookouts, summery parties,...

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Custom Carpentry to Make Your Backyard Say "Summer"

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 29, 2015

There are at least 3 great things that we can think of about summertime. 1. It's summer. 2. You can spend the whole day out in your garden without freezing your nose off. 3. There...

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Sliding Doors Combine Function with Fashion

Posted by Laura Firszt | Jun 24, 2015

Installing a sliding door used to be a purely practical decision. While it's true that sliders, as they are affectionately known, pack a lot of function into their frames, recently...