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Style a Beautiful Bookcase or Two

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 13, 2015

An oldie but goodie – there’s a well-known interior decorating story which is still making the rounds. Someone walks into a bookstore, looks around carefully, and asks...

Sacramento BBB/flickr

10 Tips to Stop Plumbing Emergencies Before They Start

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 13, 2015

Like most folks, you probably take your home’s plumbing system for granted – that is, as long as it is working normally. There’s nothing like a backed-up toilet or...

Service arrosage des plantes/CC BY-SA 2.5 Wikimedia Commons

Awesome Indoor Planting Projects for Young Gardeners

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 09, 2015

Are you looking for something fun and creative to do with children this winter? Why not let them try their hand at gardening? There are plenty of small-scale indoor gardening projects...


Dazzle with Dip Dye Decor

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 08, 2015

Popular on Pinterest right now: everything dip dyed, from hair to home decor. What is dip dye, you might ask? Well, imagine if tie-dye and ombre had a baby. This coloring technique,...


5 Home Improvements That May Make Your House Noisier

Posted by Laura Firszt | Nov 08, 2015

Home improvement is a passion among many North Americans these days ... with good reason. As the saying goes, your home is your castle, the place you go to relax and enjoy the company...