Posted by Chaya Kurtz | G+ | May 22, 2013

13 Ways to Make Your Garden Sparkle

These garden ornaments are cheap do-it-yourself projects that will refract and reflect light in your garden like nobody's business.

1. DIY Embellished Garden Lamp via

2. DIY Patio Bottle Star

Ursula Owens via

3. DIY Junk Mirror

Carol C. via

4. Planting Doorknobs

Robyn via

5. Marbles Embedded in Fencing

Jamie @C.R.A.F.T. via

6. DIY Glowing Garden Gazing Ball

Julee S. via

7. This is a bowling ball covered in pennies.

CeeJai via

8. DIY Mirror Mosaic Fence

Cindy S. via

9. Sparkly Pop Tabs with Marbles via

10. DIY Prism Garden Junk Chandelier

Melissa @Empress of Dirt via

11. LED Ground Lights for Garden

Skyfuel Enterprises via

12. DIY Garden Tea Cup Junk "Candelier" via

13. Light Refracting and Reflecting Repurposed Glass Garden Decor

Leah R. via

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