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13 Reasons to Love Gardening

I love gardening. You love gardening. Here's why we all love gardening.

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1. Because seeds are rad.

Seed library box and photo by The Garden Stamp via

2. Because crocuses bloom early.

Heather Benton via

3. Because fairies live in gardens.

Fairy garden and photo by The Crafty Woman via

4. Because gardens attract butterflies.

Butterfly feeder and photo by BrightNest via

5. Because it gives you an excuse to wear garden clogs.

Clog garden and photo by Olwen via

6. Because it is fun to say "sphagnum".

Photo by House of Hawthornes via

5. Because worms are squiggly, wiggly, and they make compost!

Worm compost and photo by Barb Rosen via

6. Because gardens give you a place to sit and relax.

Garden and photo by Switzer's Nursery and Lanscaping via

7. Because raised beds allow you to garden almost anywhere.

Wet and Forget via

8. Because it's your garden, and you can do what you want to do.

Tamara Jansen @ The Greenhouse Diaries via

9. Because where else will you put your fire pit?

Willow Gates Landscaping via

10. Because roses smell like roses.

Laura Thomas @ The Dandelion Wrangler

10. Because you can grow pounds of food in a square foot garden.

Guide to square foot gardening by Garden Therapy via

11. Because dogs like gardens, too.

Photo of dogs in a garden by Garden Therapy via

12. Because gardening is muy caliente!

Hot peppers and photo by Old World Garden Farms via

13. Because of guys like this.

Photo of garden gnome by Debbiedoo's via

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