Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Posted by Ann Greenberger | Sep 07, 2009
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Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles

Want to "go green” with your water bottle? Give up your addiction to plastic water bottles and try a nontoxic, environmentally sound refillable water bottle. These 8 products provide the pure hydration you crave, and with some cool designs, too. Try refillable water bottles, portable water bottles that also filter the water, or home water purifiers that are unique and affordable. FYI: A filter is usually activated carbon and is a great way to get clean water, if you need to go one step farther and eliminate viruses and more contaminants, then you'll want a water purifier. You'll find both of these among the products listed here.

Sigg Aluminum Bottles

Let's start with the water bottle that also preserves the great apes and their habitats! This Swiss-made aluminum refillable water bottle boasts many attractive designs. But more importantly, each HOPE bottle that is purchased benefits the Jane Goodall Institute. The bottles also sport designs of American icons such as Route 66, the statue of liberty, and the desert coyote. Or, try the "green is the new black” design! Sigg comes in thermos, wide-mouth, and for kids, too.

Intak Beverage Bottle by Thermos

This isn't your mother's thermos! The sleek design offered in simple appealing colors will easily convince you to give up plastic water bottles. You can even put these BPA-free bottles in the dishwasher. The 18-ounce bottle has a flip straw and you'll find the Intak at supermarkets or the big discount stores. A unique feature-there's a meter reading on each bottle that calculates your daily water intake.

Klean Kanteen

This stainless steel, BPA-free water bottle comes in many options-classic or wide-mouth (fits ice cubes!), flat top, sport cap, or the loop top that clips to anything. Sizes range from 12 to 64 ounces, and some of the colors include ocean blue, bright red, brushed stainless steel. These bottles fit in the cup holder of your car and are dishwasher safe.

EarthLust Bottle

This slightly upscale stainless steel, nontoxic bottle is available at boutique-y stores. Search on the earthlust site for the nearest retail store, or purchase online. The founder, Allison, wanted a bottle that was safe and pure for her new baby. Allison even creates some of the designs herself. The understated designs include a ginko leaf, silver crow, green parsley.

Katahdin Extra Water Purifier Bottle

This water bottle does more than filter water, it purifies. Serious hikers, climbers, and backpackers recommend the Katahdin. Just fill up this bottle with water and the iodine resin and activated charcoal cartridge under the cap purifies the water. The Katahdin Extream gets rid of lead, bacteria, and pesticides. Use this when you are hiking, biking, or traveling internationally and you want to ensure your drinking water is safe. Each filter provides 128 refills of the 26 ounce bottle.

The Water Filter Straw

Its name may conjure up images of the apocalypse, but think how handy this thing is-it's a straw! Put away your conspicuous water bottle and use the straw to purify water in restaurants or hotels, for camping, hiking, and fishing. Use it like a regular straw. It takes out all the bad stuff-- chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, arsenic, mercury, carcinogens, bacteria, and viruses. Available at

Terra Cotta Water Crock

For filtered water at home, consider using a countertop water filter that has a bit more panache than the usual pitcher water filters. This attractive handcrafted water crock holds a gallon of water and uses an activated carbon filter. Just pour in the tap water and it's ready to drink! Available at

Aquasana Basic Under Counter Water Filter

Consider a discreet under-the-counter or under sink water filter to save counter space. The Aquasana is sleek, easy to install, and extra convenient! It includes 2 filter cartridges, undercounter kit, chrome faucet, plus instructions. The system uses carbon filtration, ion exchange, and sub-micron filtration to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs, and more. The filter cartridge lasts for 6 months or 500 gallons; replacement filters are less than $50.

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