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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a remodel?

If you're planning to build a home addition, expect to pay in the ballpark of $25,000 to $35,000 for a 250-square-foot room. 

The cost to remodel a 100-square foot kitchen can range anywhere from $14,200 to $50,600 for materials, supplies, and labor

Are you planning to remodel a bedroom? Expect to pay about $8000 for the total overhaul of a 120 square foot room.

The average cost to remodel a bathroom is approximately $6,000 to $15,000.

A remodeling contractor will charge by the job, not the hour. 

Your total cost of the remodel will depend on several factors:

● Room size and current conditions

● Scope of the project

● Quality of materials

● Energy-efficient items to be added (e.g., insulation, lighting)

● Whether structural/architectural features will be added

What are some common remodeling projects?

-Kitchen Remodel

-Bathroom Remodel

-Attic Remodel

-Basement Remodel

-Garage Remodel

-Major Renovation - Multiple Rooms

-Remodel to Accommodate a Disability

Would you be responsible for providing equipment/materials for the remodeling contractor?

The remodeling contractor will provide materials needed for any structural work and will include the cost in the estimate. But the remodeling pro will be installing the fixtures, cabinets, furniture, and the like that you choose and provide.

Can you perform this remodel yourself?

While smaller, more basic installs could be done yourself, it is best to hire a professional for larger remodeling jobs. All electrical, plumbing, and building work must be done by licensed professionals to code.

How to Choose a Good Home Remodeler?

Before you begin your search, you should definitely know what type of home renovation you need planned out and some questions you have in mind. The steps below are a good strategy to utilize when looking for a reputable and experienced home remodeling contractor:

● Get multiple quotes for comparison

● Request recommendations from friends and family

●Identify if you’ll need a specialist for your renovation project
    -   Residential Remodeling contractor
    -   Design-Build/Whole House remodeler
    -   Home Addition specialist
    -   Restoration contractor

● Check on your ideal contractor’s documentation

By doing some due diligence before you decide on the contractor for your remodel project can make the difference between a successful renovation and a never ending money pit.

What are some recommended questions to ask the remodeling contractor before I hire?

Asking these important questions will help you find a top remodeling pro in your area with the right experience and business practices for your needs.

-Are you licensed and insured?

-What kind of work do you do most?

-Will you provide references (for past jobs similar to mine)?

-What does your estimate include?

-What will you guarantee/warranty?

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