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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Exterminator?

When you're looking to hire a pest control service (aka exterminator), you can expect to pay from $110 to $290 per treatment.

How Do I Know If I Need an Exterminator?

Your pest problem won't go away: If you've been battling the same pest for months, then you may have a larger problem than you originally thought.

If you aren't sure which products are safe for you and your family, then you may want to consult with an expert. There are various types of exterminators available, and many of these professionals offer non-toxic pest control solutions.

Pest prevention: If you are seeking preventative measures, these professionals can also ensure that your home is not a haven for future infestations.

You can attempt to control pests on your own. In most cases, fighting a pest problem with an off-the-shelf solution is entirely effective. It's only when those off-the-shelf products are no longer working that it's time to call in the professionals.

What Are Common Pest Control Treatment Methods?

● Chemical spray
● Bait
Kill traps
Catch-and-release traps

Will I Need a One-time Exterminator Visit or Are Monthly/Periodical Visits Required?

Ask exterminators if they recommend an ongoing contract or if a one-time treatment is enough. An ongoing contract will be more effective and convenient than sporadically scheduled visits, and will usually end up costing you less in the long run.

What Preventative Measures Can Be Put in Place to Avoid Needing an Exterminator?

While you may think that preventing pest infestations is difficult, you'll soon discover that these five steps are both straightforward and basic:

-Be A Cleaning Machine: Make sure to pay special attention to your counters, cabinets, bathroom countertops, kitchen floors, the top of your refrigerator and anywhere else that sugary residue could be hiding.

-Water Waste: Any leaking pipes, indoor water source, or roof puddles can easily turn into a nice pool for pests. The sooner you eliminate any collections of water, the quicker you'll get rid of any lingering pests.

-Lock up Your Food: Instead of leaving little treats for your pestilent friends to eat, make sure that all food is sealed, packaged and safely stored inside of a cabinet.

-Hinder Hiding Holes: Rather than allowing pests to make comfy homes inside of your walls, be sure to seal any cracks or holes tightly.

How to Identify and Eliminate Bed Bugs:

Adult bed bugs look like lentils: reddish-brown, flattened, oval and wingless. Mature bedbugs are about 5 to 6½ mm long, which means that they can be seen by the naked eye. 

Here are some ways to eliminate bed bugs from your home: 

● Clean your house: Avoid having clutter in your home 

● Put all clothing, bedding, carpets and fabrics in a hot dryer

● Vacuum the whole area, including inside bags and luggage

● Cover your mattress and box spring with a mattress encasement registered for bed bug control, such as BugLock® manufactured by Protect-A-Bed

● Steam clean your walls and crannies

● Remove infested furniture from your house

● Pesticide

How to Identify and Eliminate Termites:

There are several types of termites, but the primary one is the subterranean variety. These look like small white ants and live in colonies several feet underground. These insects live underground around the house, and are typically treated by drilling areas around the colony and injecting chemicals into the ground. Baiting may also be used, along with laying lines of termite treatment around the house to keep them from crossing the threshold.

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Serving Ashburn, VA

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